Choose & Maintain Lawnmowers like a Pro: Top Tips for You


Choose & Maintain Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are so basic as gardening tools that we often don’t bother much about them. But given that same logic, it’s a very wrong idea, since this tool almost alone can prevent our residence from looking abundant, keeping the yard neat and tidy, when we are only willing to do the least.

Therefore, buying a good lawnmower is important; it will save you time and energy, and it will save your money as well if good care is taken. You may think, well, lawnmowers are lawnmowers after all, what else to count! Or you may also feel that buying the expensive one is the solution.

But In reality, every good decision requires precise knowledge; the same goes for choosing a lawnmower. If you know what points to consider, then you can easily find a good one at a reasonable price while a pricy one can prove to be a waste of money when you buy them without knowing anything.

Sometimes you may not know everything, but you can understand through peoples’ experiences, expert’s comments, and reading reviews. Internet is all full of such reviews; for a lawnmower, you can go through this link for some reliable ones_

Things to Consider While Deciding on a Lawnmower

Things to Consider While Deciding on a Lawnmower
Your Lawn

Buy the mower according to your lawn. Consider its size and soil quality when choosing one.

If your lawn is huge, then a riding mower or a self-propelled one will be a better-suited option considering the area to cover and the effort it would take. Self-propelled models are ideal for the hilly yards too. Remember, the wider the cutting width is, the better, since then it will cover more space making the mowing process faster.

Also, the mulching equipment will be a great help here, saving your time and energy of collecting the clippings manually. When the lawn is made of grasses like Bermuda that would need to cut more than two inches, a gas-powered reel mower will be the best mowing option.

For a smaller yard, you must buy a push mower. Push mowers can be used regardless of the size of the garden; so, you are to decide here, if you are willing to spend time or energy, or have people to do it for you. However, if yours is a medium-sized garden, any type of mower would do.

Your Comfort

Lawn mowing is not something you do once in a while, it’s a routine job; therefore, make sure you will be comfortable using the mower you are buying. If it’s a push mower, then make sure the handle is adjustable to set the height in the right position for your hands. For a tractor, make sure the seat is comfortable enough for you to sit and work.

The Size of the Engine of the Mower

The performance of your mower depends on its engine. To keep your work neat and light, choose your mower with the right engine size, good enough to cut through tall or wet grasses, as well as capable of leaf mulching and bagging.
The Size of the Engine of the Mower
Lawn Mowers come with various engine sizes and capacities. However, If you want your mower to consume less fuel or make less sound, you may have to go for a costlier option.

Features of the Mower

The features of your mower tell you whether it will be easy to maintain, or how long it may last. So while you are deciding on your mower, here are some features you should take care of_

  1. How easy it is to refill the oil?
  2. How easy it is to replace its parts; like air filters?
  3. How comfortably can you replace the pull cord of the mower?
  4. How convenient is it to maintain overall?

Power Source

If you are a gardener, and looking for a mower that besides keeping your lawn tidy, will also help you design it with versatility, then a manual reel mower is what you need. But when it comes to the heaviness of work, like mowing a large ground, a gas or electric mower does the best job.

Gas mowers are very versatile, while on the other hand, electric mowers provide you ease since they don’t need regular maintenance. Electric mowers are more eco-friendly too, that comes with both corded and cordless versions; pick from them depending on the type of mobility you need.


Ensure your safety by buying lawn mowers with settings like a blade-shutoff switch and deadman control to stop the blade from moving when you are not controlling the handle.

And when you are buying the manually controlled one, remember that if there is no 360° foot shield around the mower’s body, the rope start is placed within 24 inches of the handle.

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

  1. Clean your mower thoroughly after using it every time.
  2. Keep the oil of your mower on the check. Change the oil if it turns black or debris are seen floating on it.
  3. Replace the oil at least once a year.
  4. Check the air filter; clean or change it accordingly. You must change it once a year.
  5. Clean the undercarriage to keep your mower functioning smoothly.
  6. Replace the spark plug to make your mower start easily.
  7. The blades of your mowers are its most important equipment; make sure you always keep them sharp, or else its dull blade will end up harming the soil. Take a professional’s help if you are a beginner or find the job tough.
  8. Refill the gas every year. Empty the gas chamber before you put it away prior to the winter.
  9. Go through the owner’s manual carefully and handle the mower following their instructions. Maintenance instructions should be followed too. Check if they have recommended any significant oil for your mower; use them accordingly.


A good lawnmower may cost a bit higher than others, but you better not compromise quality to save a little money. While these mowers are available in a variety of types, not all will be suitable for you. Therefore, hope this article will help you to decide on the mower you need. But make sure, you also maintain them well.

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