Characteristics of the top luxury mattresses

Sleeping luxuriously doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even though the luxury mattresses you see on television are grossly expensive, you can find many of the same features in mattresses of a different brand and lower prices. This is especially true when you get your mattress and bed from the same online furniture store, which also ensures you get the right mattress for sale for the bed you are purchasing.

If you get past the desire for a name-brand mattress, buying a similar luxury mattress from another brand could allow you to get a better mattress for your budgeted spending limit. If you’re not sure if a mattress qualifies as a luxury mattress, check out the characteristics of the best luxury mattresses below.

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Thicker – more than 16” thick

Luxury mattresses are thicker than other types of mattresses, making them ideal for taller individuals or couples. These mattresses are also best for people who have joint problems or other health issues because this is almost the height of a normal chair. (The average seat height of chairs is 17-18 inches.)

Thicker mattresses also last much longer and break down more slowly, while offering ongoing support. You do want to make sure that you get the right mattress thickness for your bed. If you need to add a box spring or other platform on which the mattress can sit you should keep that added height in mind to keep from having the bed too tall for comfort.

Reinforced edges

A luxury mattress will have reinforced edges so that the sides of the mattress don’t break down when you sit on the edge. Again, this is an important feature for those with joint or mobility issues because you may be sitting on the edge of the bed for some time in the mornings as you try to get moving. Reinforced edges are also great for those who tend to sleep close to the edge of the bed. The most common reason to use a mattress with reinforced edges is when it will be used on a daybed.

Pocket coils instead of innerspring

The mattresses of the past all had innerspring to give them support and bounce. Although you can still find some cheaper mattresses with innerspring today, luxury mattresses use much better engineering and technology. Pocket coils offer more support and just the right amount of bounce without the risk of breaking a spring, which could easily cause injury.

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Pocket coils are sometimes used in luxury mattresses on their own, including very high-end mattresses that offer coils with cooling gel. But most luxury mattresses use a combination of pocket coils and memory foam, with at least a memory foam pillow top. The combination of the two is good for most sleepers.

Isolated movements

If you share a bed, it is likely that you and your partner disturb each other as you toss and turn on occasion. Movement isolation is important for couples like yourselves. Memory foam is really the only way to get this feature, and you will find it with most luxury mattresses. Although straight memory foam mattresses are expensive and soft, most people do better with the support of a memory foam and pocket coil hybrid. 

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