Change Your Kitchen: Kitchen Renovation Tips For Starters

Kitchen renovation is a no simple task, and there is more to it than add-ons and decorations. If you are like most homeowners, your first instinct would be renovating the theme and color of your kitchen. However, if you want to make your kitchen expertly made, then the first thing you should consider is how you utilize your kitchen, and how it is approached.

Out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen bears the most activity. It is seen as more than a cooking space but an experience. More than designs, it matters the most on how your kitchen maximizes its scope and how you can move efficiently. Read more for some tips and considerations that make you an expert in kitchen designs and as well as make your kitchen better.

Kitchen Layout: Do We Have Enough Space?

Kitchen Layout1

At first glance, experienced designers would check not the theme or the color, but the layout. An organized kitchen is an effective kitchen, and for convenience, the storage of different ingredients and utensils should be evident and easy to obtain.

For example, plates should be stored near the dishwasher or the sink, cups, and glasses near the pan, and spices should be near the cooking area.

Secondly, traffic also matters. This means that the spaces in the kitchen should be adequate to walk freely. If the dining area is near or within the kitchen area, then the cooking area should be away from the dining area.

From a safety standpoint, you want adequate space to avoid accidents from people passing through as well as where you place the commonly opened appliances such as fridges and kitchen drawers.

Kitchen Lighting Matters Too

Consider your lighting in kitchen renovations. Lights should be adequate in cooking and preparation areas, where you work the most should have bright lighting.

On the other hand, you can also opt for ambient lighting for areas where you socialize because, aside from considering how your kitchen functions, it is also essential to control lights where you eat and socialize.

Cupboard Designs

One of the critical details that give the most impact is your kitchen cupboards. Your cupboards should be organized in a way that maximizes space, easy to obtain, and near to each other.

How you arrange your items matters too, frequently used utensils and ingredients should be reachable. A simple arrangement of spices can improve your kitchen’s functionality and design.

Another tip for cupboards is if possible, replace large cabinets with glass-paned fronts. Solid-colored closets would often make the kitchen tighter and smaller. Pairing glass-paned fronts with an arrangement of spices, tools, and ingredients to get a fresh and open look in your kitchen.

Adding Textures and Layers

Kitchen renovations are not always about kitchen appliances and storage. Items not related to kitchen appliances would add another layer of texture that improves your design. Antique clocks and items would fit if you are renovating for a retro look. Market bags and fabric adds softness and more natural to look at.

Add Contrast and Differentiate

Add Contrast and Differentiate

Too much of the same color is never a good option in kitchen designs; putting contrast colors gives off a charming visual appeal to viewers. Your white-walled kitchen can be matched with black countertops or painting one side gray for cooking functions while the other one is for storage.

Try to experiment and pair different color hues that contrast without hurting the eye, and paint them in places where it would make sense.

Consult a Professional and Ask For Help

You can always rely on magazines and websites for makeovers, tips, and designs, but it is never a bad idea to seek assistance from an expert. Chefs could be an excellent option to seek advice from since having a practical and pleasant looking kitchen matter to them and not to mention; they work in kitchens daily.

Alternatively, there is a website that focuses on kitchen renovations, and you may look up this website, for expert assistance and advice. One advantage of seeking an expert is they consider your budget, your vision, and your dislikes.


Changing the look of your house now and then makes it better for you and your family. It is agreeable that the kitchen is the most interacted space in every home, so making it efficient, practical, and visually appealing could improve how everyone functions and your home life.

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