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Ceramic Tile: A Healthy Choice for a Healthy Planet

In today’s society, we are all well aware of the problems facing the planet, whether it is the pollution of the seas, problems due to acid rain or Global Warming, and the Greenhouse Effect. In addition to poisoning the planet, we are now discovering that many things we use every day and take for granted are full of cancer causing carcinogens and toxic chemicals, unsafe for consumption, and dangerous to our health.

With the topic of green living and looking after the planet continuously in the media, it seems that everywhere you look there are eco-friendly and human-friendly alternatives for building materials and furnishings. Flooring is no exception. Ceramic tiles are the most environmentally friendly surfaces that can be found and they have so many advantageous properties.

Natural materials, eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable
Ceramic tiles are composed of natural materials, clay, sand and glass, so they are environmentally friendly and a sustainable resource. Old tiles can be recycled. It is these natural ingredients that give the tiles so many beneficial properties. If we compare ceramic with man-made plastic vinyl the story is quite different.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles vs Vinyl tiles
Vinyl tiles are man-made from crude oil which is responsible for the majority of the pollution on the planet. They aren’t eco-friendly, sustainable, or recyclable. In addition, they contain various chemicals: stabilizers, plasticizers, formaldehyde and VOC gases, which we now know are extremely toxic and hazardous to health. Ceramic tiles contain none of these extremely dangerous chemicals and emit no toxic fumes.

Benefits for the homeowner: Economic, versatile, and durable
Ceramic tiles have been in use for more than 6000 years and they have indeed stood the test of time. They are one of the cheapest flooring options and they come in many sizes, colors and styles. Ceramic is also extremely durable, difficult to crack or chip and long lasting. Maintenance is minimal; the tiles can be wiped over with a cloth. The surface of the tile is also resistant to bacterial growth and other microorganisms.

There are many differences between different tiles, so remember that it’s a good idea to trust professional tile installers.

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