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Carports Made of Wood and Steel Have Their Own Benefits

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had a customer ask me how to get one after noticing a fantastic-looking Carports from Outdoor World on their street down the road. Happy customer recommendations are usually beneficial for business owners.

The most frequent justification for purchasing a carport is often strength and durability to protect your vehicle from snow, ice, rain, and debris, but many homeowners also desire a beautiful shelter. Your home’s exterior appeal and value can both be significantly increased by a carport that complements the style of your house. The fact that you are increasing the market value of their house and the neighborhood may please your neighbors as well.

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Benefits of Wood and Steel

Having a custom-made wood and steel carport as opposed to a pre-made shelter has a number of advantages. First of all, your carport and house might have the same wood stain or paint color. The wood posts, beams, and purlins can be stained or painted to match your home’s style. Additionally, if you want the trusses, braces, and post boots to match the color of your house’s roof or trim, you can select a custom color for us to powder coat them in.

Wooden Carports That Are Customizable

You can also choose the length, width, and height of your shelter when you choose a wood and steel carport. However, if necessary, you can increase them to a maximum height of 10 feet to give greater storage height and clearance. Generally, we advise placing 6×6 wood pillars at an 8-foot height. The length of your shelter can be increased by incorporating more trusses if you so choose.

The Benefits of Buying Local

The steel trusses, braces, post boots, and fasteners are all provided by us, but you are free to purchase your own local wood and roofing. This will lower your shipping costs and enable you to alter the appearance and stain of your wood posts, beams, and purlins. For instance, you may decide to match the siding or beams on your house with the wood used for your carport. It can give your property a more cohesive and attractive appearance if you stain your carport the same color or finish as your house.

Wood and steel carports in Kootenay

In a facility that has been approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the Kootenay wood and steel carport is made in Kelowna, British Columbia. In the custom Kootenay carport, steel and wood are used to create a striking aesthetic. The proper size and amount of post boots, braces, and fasteners, as well as high strength powder coated steel trusses, are provided by this reliable DIY steel carport timber frame kit system.

You are required to supply the wood and roofing, per our specifications, from your neighborhood hardware store. Eaves troughs on either side are an additional option that you could decide to include yourself. A clear or bronze 6 to 10 mm single or twin wall polycarbonate roofing panel can be used in place of a steel roof, and you can use it to create a summer gazebo or pergola.

Carport with 2 posts that is cantilevered and constructed of wood and steel Kootenay

The two post Kootenay carport might be appealing if you have a narrow driveway or a circular turn-around. Although this type of carport necessitates a more substantial concrete foundation, it enables you to minimize the number of posts to just two, making it simpler to enter and exit your vehicle without worrying about damaging your doors.

Carport with a 20-foot width made of steel and wood

Our 20 foot (22 outside width) steel truss and wood post/beam carport might be of interest to you if you need to store several larger automobiles or pieces of equipment. To significantly increase the amount of storage space on your land, you might go from 20 × 20 to however long you like.

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