Carpet Cleaning – What It Is And How It Works


Carpet Cleaning

Mention the name “Carpet” and several thoughts come to mind, including the famed magical carpet from Aladdin’s live-action adaptation. Perhaps, seeing that movie triggers a thought of what it would feel like being on a magic carpet ride. But unlike Aladdin, this guide is not about magical carpets – let’s save that for the fairy tales. It is about real carpets, those stuck on the ground, except a hurricane comes blazing the trail.

Carpets provide luxurious and comfortable flooring. To keep their flawless and plush look, they must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. On the other hand, valuable pieces of carpeting, like Persian rugs and antique carpets, are best left to professional carpet cleaners. Avoid DIY cleaning on such materials as they are much too pricey and extremely easy to ruin.

DIY Cleaning for Less Expensive Carpets

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Spots of soil and stains, including spills, drops, grit, and dust are particularly damaging to carpets. Contact with sharp surfaces can also deface the material. To avoid such outcomes significantly, here are some guidelines to follow:

Constantly Vacuum the Material

When it comes to keeping a carpet tidy, daily vacuuming comes in handy. Maintaining such a routine will prevent the substance from retaining dust, debris, hair particles, and other undesirable objects for an extended period, which, otherwise, may get trapped in the carpet fibres if there is no action.

Prevent Stains from Drying Before Attending to Them

If there is a spill on the carpet, do not wait for it to dry before cleaning it up. Such stains are easier to clean when wet than dry.

Constantly Vacuum the Material

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For homes with heavy traffic, it is ideal to purchase oriental rugs or area rugs to prolong use and lessen wear and tear.

Set Boundaries

Not all places in the home require the presence of sweaty and dirty footwear. Boundaries should be in place to curb stains and constant vacuuming, especially in areas that serve as playgrounds for babies and toddlers. Set up an area at the entrance to keep dirty shoes.

Doormats Lessen the Stains and Damage

Owning a doormat is not challenging as there is a wide selection of fabrics and cute quotes that reminds visitors of the importance of maintaining a clean environment. This is a decent investment any homeowner should make.

Professionals to the Rescue

Not all carpets are ideal for DIY cleaning projects, as discussed before. And even when they ideal for such tasks, a homeowner may decide to hand such materials to the professionals. Ideally, carpets should undergo professional cleaning at least twice a year. By doing so, it serves its purpose for a long time and provides the best hygiene for health safety.

Getting Rid of Stains Professionally

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Of course, a wet stain may dry quickly before handing a carpet over to a professional cleaner. To prevent such from happening, here are some professional tips:

Avoid Rubbing the Stain

The initial instinct of any person in the advent of a stain is to rub it off. However, it is ineffective on carpets. This move makes it harder to get rid of the blot as the particles soak further into the carpet fibres. Scraping off such stains can damage the fabric permanently. The ideal step to take is to use a clean rag or paper towel and washing solution to dab the stain. The solution and the paper towel will absorb the stain from the carpet. Blot the stain, starting from outside inward as the opposite approach can increase the spread.

What If There is No Washing Solution?

There may be no washing solution within one’s reach. However, shaving cream can get rid of general stains and redeem the carpet. Kindly note that any brand would do. Apply the substance to the affected area and leave for 30 minutes. Blot the shaving cream with a dry white cloth. To get a pristine result, coat the area with a mixture of water and vinegar. Repeat the process until the carpet is entirely clean.

Getting Rid of Gums

Ice cubes may do the trick for sticky carpets. Place the cubes on the gum to freeze for at least one minute, then pick it with a piece of cutlery. Remove the carpet strands surrounding the gum.

Cleaning Off Grease

Oil stains on a carpet may not be as easy to remove as one would think. A stained carpet, on the other hand, can be cleaned about as well as fresh with a little water and a few drops of grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. Pour the solvent into a spray bottle and add it to the affected area to speed up the process. After that, blot it with a clean towel. Incredible outcomes may not show up on the first try. However, after many attempts, the effects would become visible and satisfying.

Handling Candle Waxes

It is almost impossible to say no to a romantic dinner as it provides a platform for lovers to bond better. However, the thought of one’s carpet getting smudged by hot candle wax may sit on the list of unforeseen circumstances. It is still possible to save the material as well as the date.

Cover the affected area with a clean white cloth and place an electric iron over it. As it melts, scrape it off using a butter knife. Once through, place a paper towel over the smeared portion of the carpet and iron for about 30 seconds. Through this process, the wax will melt and stick to the towel.

Tools to Use for Carpet Cleaning

Individuals who intend to vacuum their carpets personally will need the following items:

  • Bucket
  • Rug shampoo or mild dish detergent
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Garden hose
  • Wet-Dry vacuum or even better a Bissell Big Green
  • Soft-bristle brush or sponge

The Bottom Line

Conducting a colour test before cleaning a carpet is essential to prevent the material from fading. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions that will allow the colours to run. Test a small area of the carpet using the solution and measure for colourfastness. Ideally, a good cleaning product will not cause the colour to bleed. On the other hand, hiring a professional cleaning company comes at a cost.

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