Cardboard Boxes are Great For Branding

As customers are getting more aware of the product and about the packaging, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most preferred material. Cardboard boxes are suitable for delivering several products, irrespective of the mass, size, and nature of the product. The boxes that are manufactured out of corrugated fiberboard are usually coined as cardboard boxes. They are environment friendly as they are recyclable and reusable, hence more opted by leading industries. Every industry is trying to save costs on power, fuel, and production, and cardboard packaging is the most cost-effective and viable option available. Cardboard boxes at Adelaide Hills Storage are a perfect packaging solution for local, interstate, and international shipments.

Benefits of cardboard boxes

Benefits of cardboard boxes

  • The cardboard boxes are not only lightweight but also provide a cushion to the packed product while handling, loading, and unloading. The boxes are strong yet flexible, providing the necessary cushion to fragile products while transporting from one point to another destination. The boxes can negate the impact while the consignment is on the move. The raw material for manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes is economical and available abundantly, making it the most cost-effective yet sturdy packaging material. The boxes have many layers glued together, empowering them to absorb mechanical shocks, vibration, and jerks, thus protecting the product during shipment. This very characteristic makes it an ideal packaging material for fragile and delicate objects like crystal crockery, electronic goods, television, smartphones, and other frail items.
  • The cardboard boxes have better printing and graphic potential. One can easily print digital, litho, and screen printing on it. It makes the package attractive and displays the logo, brand, and product information distinctly on the package. It is a cost-effective way to promote the brand value of the product during shipment. Cardboard boxes at Adelaide Hills Storage come in various sizes, dimensions, colors, and designs fulfilling your packaging requirements. The boxes are most versatile and offer the most diverse packaging solution, catering to different specifications to a different industry.
  • Many leading brands and industries are using corrugated cardboard boxes; as their packing material, almost 95% of all product shipments in the US used these boxes. Many industries are using corrugated cardboards as their packing solution, as they are environment-friendly, lightweight, cost-effective, and most readily available. Corrugated boxes are sturdier than ordinary cardboard boxes. They absorb the shocks and act as a cushion for the product while in shipment.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes come in different sizes and thickness, catering to different needs of various products. These boxes are not only a good shock absorber, but keeps away moisture and bacterial growth, which are imperative to food products, during long transportation. The cardboard boxes can be customized according to the specification of the products. You can specify the design of the custom boxes, according to your personal or business requirements. The manufacturing process of cardboard boxes is not capital or labor-intensive, and the raw material is also economical, making it the most preferred cost-effective, efficient packaging material. It is the most economical, recyclable, biodegradable, flexible packaging option.
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