Budget Friendly Massage Chairs under $1000


The majority of massage chairs from well-known manufacturers cost much more than $1000. They’re built to last, with all the features and peace of mind that come with knowing you’ve made a wise investment.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be stated about chairs that cost less than $1000. The most of them are flops.

While you’ll spend top cash for the best, there are a few of off-brand chairs that will not disappoint.

So, while you’re going to spend a little more than $1000 on a couple seats, know that it’ll be money well spent.

Although not all of these chairs are under $1000, we are saving you a lot of money and time in the long run. When it comes to purchasing the greatest massage chair, a little more money is well worth it, here are some of our massage chair recommendations under 1000.

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

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In terms of dependability and feature set, this is our top selection. Bluetooth and six automated programs are included in the new 2020 Real Relax model.

While some users believe the shoulder massage is too mild or the leg cushions are too firm, the general view is that this chair is a great value for the money.

Customer service is strong, with chairs being replaced if they are delivered damaged, however returns may be subject to a $150-$200 freight cost.

6 Auto Programs – The chair features six auto programs that employ various approaches to assist you relax and unwind from the most common aches and pains.

Heating Pads for the Lower Back and Feet – Heating pads for the lower back and feet reduce stress and stimulate circulation, speeding up the healing process.

Foot Massage — For total relaxation, the foot massage comprises both rollers and airbags. For persons with longer legs, the footrests may be extended.

Easy to Assemble, Use, and Move — Even if the documentation isn’t the finest, the chair is simple to put together. The control panel is likewise simple to operate, with timing and intensity settings that can be adjusted. The chair is also easy to relocate because to the convenient wheels at the back of the base.

Manual Recline and Zero-Gravity – The Real Relax Massage Chair, like other high-end chairs, has a zero-gravity function, and it can be used as a recliner even if it isn’t connected to a power outlet.

OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

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Although the OOTORI has a lot of functionality, it only has four applications. It does, however, offer an 8-point smart massage system across the back, as well as acupuncture-inspired foot rollers, making it a decent all-arounder.

OOTOI, like other off-brand chairs, only accepts returns if there is a defect in the goods; if you just change your mind, you will be responsible for transportation costs.

This model does, however, come with a three-year guarantee.

8-Point Smart-Massage – The 8-roller smart-massage system adjusts to your body’s structure and works in unison with the air massage to provide you with a really soothing and customized massage.

Zero-Gravity — Zero gravity places you in the ideal massaging posture, allowing you to relax and enjoy your massage while letting go of tension and discomfort.

Foot Rollers Inspired by Acupuncture — The rollers in each footrest are meant to stimulate precise acupuncture spots, relieving muscular tension and stress throughout your entire body.

Heat Pads – The heat pads help you relax even more deeply into the massage by warming up your muscles and allowing them to relax even more than a traditional massage can.

Bluetooth — To enhance your experience, use Bluetooth to connect your device and play your favorite songs over the 3D Dolby surround system.

Massage Design Re-engineered – The new design aims to prevent malfunctions while improving massage quality by having fewer airbags but more coverage.

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair

Massage Chair

This FDA and UL-approved zero gravity massage chair comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers delivery even if there are no mechanical faults.

It includes all of the essential elements of a massage chair, but only three automated programs, one of which is a stretch program. All of the routines may be adjusted in terms of pace, intensity, and pressure.

Zero Gravity Saves Space – Puts you in the optimum posture for a massage by relieving strain on your spine and allowing gravity to aid deepen your massage. Only 10″ of wall space is required due to the space-saving design.

3 Automatic Programs — Includes a stretch program as well as speed, pressure, and intensity controls so you may customize the massage to your liking.

Airbags and Heat – A total of 35 airbags provide pressure to your arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet, while heat pads soothe and calm hurting muscles and joints.

BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

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While this chair has a lot of features, it’s also renowned for breaking down, and the returns policy doesn’t cover postage, and they don’t undertake in-home repairs.

On the plus side, this chair can fit persons up to 6’3″ tall and has nine programs with adjustable intensity and a manual massage feature with seven distinct massage modes.

Totally Adjustable: With 7 distinct massage modes to select from, you can modify the angle, pace, width, intensity (3 levels), and pressure (4 levels) for a fully individualized massage.

Airbags and Heating Pads – 21 airbags in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet, as well as heating pads in the back and foot sections, assist to provide pressure and soothing heat to all the correct spots for a peaceful massage.

Body Scanning – The smart body scan evaluates the length of your spine and your weight to provide a custom fit and intensity massage while your neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot are fully supported.

Final Words

You’ll understand our now that you know what to look for in a massage chair, especially the less expensive ones.

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