Budget Cuts Endanger Pest Control Services

Because of mounting debts and concerns about the global economy, especially in the face of Brexit, many local councils have been evaluating essentials in their services that are given for free or at a cost. Because of this, cuts have been forced in the workforce and services which are now going to private companies. One of the casualties is pest control, as revealed by the Pest Control Agency, when they announced that due to these cuts from various city councils, multiple services would be affected, most notably pest control.

The BPCA revealed that response rates to any pest control situations declined by 22% the previous year because of the cuts in staff that make immediate responses less likely. This comes from the Association’s Freedom of Information submission, which was accept in 364 of 390 district, borough, and unitary authorities. Annual pest control staffing has been reduced 25% since 2012, according to the info provided. The BPCA says that the service, once given for free, now include charges or privatized in order to balance council budgets. To those who still give that service, the lack of resources to respond to all reports has alarmed the BFCA.

They are concerned that these cuts could effectively harm public health and that future cuts could result damage on properties that are high in costs. From 292 public pest control services, only 20 of them offer it for free, creating problems in middle-to-low income areas where pest control is more likely to be used. Various pests are known to carry various diseases that spread quickly, posing a serious threat to the public and raising the costs for all professional care of it in both local authorities and the private sector. This, in effect, affects people who can’t afford the costs for any medical care and property damage as a rest of pest infestation, something that will spread if not handled quickly.

It is hard to give an exact cost to pest control because the rates charged by private companies are very different. Roughly, to treat a single wasps nest is £55, carpets and furniture for any fleas is from £80 to £150, bedbugs are between £135 to £215, ant and cockroach control at £60, and rodent control almost £100. The prices are usually based on location. Local authorities are enacted by the Damage by Pests Act of 1949 to be responsible for any pests in their regions, but additional pest control services could be offered by private companies, if not councils, and residents should contact their authorities for information.
New Services from Pest Control Company

With the looming exit from the European Union, deal or no deal, there may be a bigger shortage of goods that are used in pest control and council budgets will need to prepare for any shortages. Yet, as the BFCA has consistently stated, local authorities must give a hand to help pay for services in areas highly endangered by pest invasions.

New Services from Pest Control Company

In Arizona, the residents and business owners of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa rely on Pest Control Company, the most trusted company that provides expert pest control services to all. Since 2015, clients have given continuous great feedback from their past and current customers. Their customer service is the best in the state, making them as highly recommended as any company that works in any form of house and building management.

According to Pest Control Company, they will guarantee that their services are effective and that they will follow up with their promises. If there are no changes after three visits, then it is free of charge. Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that they will come back until the pests have disappeared because they shouldn’t be still on the property and they will eliminate all pests and prevent future infestations. This is their promises as a commercial and residential pest control service.

The Pest Control Company will give a 50% discount on services plus a free estimate, no obligation, to what the client needs. For both commercial and residential visits, they can get rid of the pest infestation in just one appearance. Pest Control Company is armed and prepared with training and education on dealing with even the most difficult of pest infestation, something that people can really trust in. This includes the use of the latest technology and research to go after cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs that can harm any structure. They are guaranteed to be 100% satisfactory.

Many people have been pleased with what the Pest Control Company has done in their work. The use of the highest grade products and chemicals are long-term repellents that prevent pests from coming back. The chemicals being used are environmentally friendly, a key component of what clients want used, that also keep pets and children safe during disinfestation. Pest Control Company gives the right, safe method to eliminate pests anywhere. Call them now for a full pest control service at 50% off to finally take of that infestation once and for all.

How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are as dangerous as termites that can cause damage to any home. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat out the wood, but create tunnels through the beams to build their nests. Unlike other ants, carpenter ants can be hard to find and need professionals because the damage they do on wood and foam is very extensive to the home. If you see big black ants around, they could be them, usually found in trees and then moving over to any wooden beams in ceilings and doors. You can identify them by their antennas, which are bent. If you see one, a colony could be forming inside the home.

Carpenter ants can also swarmers with wings that allow them to leave colonies for mating season and make their own colonies. They are bigger than regular carpenter ants, and if you see them around the home, it means they are probably nearby. Most carpenter ants are workers, 1/4” to 1/2” inch in length, who do different things including feeding the queen ant and protecting the nest. Finding your house is infested by swarming carpenter ants is critical to successfully treating your home from these pests, but carpenter ants need special solutions instead of regular treatment to get rid of them.
How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants
Black carpenter ants are commonly found in the Eastern part of the US and peak in the summer. Homeowners should watch for signs that they could be living in the home, either under the floor, within the walls, or above in the attic. At Pest Control Company, we can help get rid of these pesky ants. Contact us if there is a serious carpenter ant problem and one of our specialists will go over to get them out. Because of the risk of structural damage, we can also detect their presence early.

When we visit, a carpenter ant inspection involves examining walls outside and within spots inside including the crawlspace, attic, and basement. Specifically, any place with moisture and wood has to be inspected because wood gets weaker and more vulnerable for an invasion of carpenter ants. You will be talked with about carpenter ants and how to count how many ants you see. We will inspect the home efficiently and within your schedule, but we will need to do a thorough inspection. Afterwards, you will get a price on how much it will cost.

The Look And Life Of A Carpenter Ant

The carpenter ant is a large ant species found in most forests of the world including in the United States, active during the spring and summer that look for food at night. They are mainly black and ¼ – ¾ inches in length.While they are larger than other ants, size isn’t the only identifying feature for carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can come in a variety of sizes, even smaller than the average length, such as 0.3 inches or very large in 1 full inch and engage in various behaviors that are part of their jobs.

Major workers of carpenter ants are the largest in a colony and are also the soldiers of the group. Media carpenter ants and minors are mid-size and small size, respectively. Media and minor ants collect most of the food and built the colony. Winged carpenter ants, the swarmers, are like termites, but they don’t eat the wood, just dig a hole through it. Carpenter ants eat other insects and food humans eat too. They live in nests and can create them for both parenting and satellite to hosts scores of other ants. The parent nest is outside where the queen and her eggs rest. The satellite nests are made in multiples for all the worker ants live in, either next to each other or in separate locations, inside and outside, by rotten wood.

Nests inside are found in wood, stumps, walls, fence posts, and home insulation. Carpenter ants prefer moist wood because they are easier to build within. If you see piles of what seem to be sawdust mixed with dead ants and insect parts eaten by carpenter ants, a nest has been made within the structure. That means quickly getting necessary treatment to rid of them before they do any more damage. Don’t take them on alone because carpenter ants can bite you and it is a bit painful. They do so in defense and can release formic acid which causes a burning sensation. Since they live outside and feed on other insects, they also can take in sweets like honeydew and sugar. From this, they feed larvae and the queen. Get rid of open sources of food to reduce any infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

All pest control experts are skilled, experienced, state certified, licensed, and knowledgeable. In other words, they know what to do when carpenter ants come by. To take care of carpenter ant infestation, homeowners need these treatments. One, the dust material, effective to get rid of indoor carpenter ants as the pesticides seeks out the ant nests and scare or kill off any remaining pests. Next, nest & barrier treatments are the most common form of removing carpenter ants with traditional pesticide to go straight into the nest. Third, perimeter treatments is a specialized control that applies a liquid residue to exterior of the home to prevent ants from coming back.

It is highly recommended to have regular inspections come every year to catch and identify any pest infestations like carpenter ants. At Pest Control Company, we have year-round plans to schedule services three times a year.

Signs Of Carpenter Ants

With carpenter ants always on the move looking to find its next nesting ground, know where the signs lie that hint that carpenter ants are now a problem in home. First sign is the winged carpenter ants, the swarmers, that can be found coming out of surrounding boards and vents. These ants are common in the spring or summer and if there are more than 20 of them coming in and out, that’s a big sign there’s a large colony inside. Second sign, the noise becomes obvious if there’s a crunch-like sound from behind the walls. It is possibly the sound of their nests within the wood in the home. The nests are built within the walls, ceiling spaces, and basements. The third sign is the sight of sawdust. When the nests are built in wood, carpenter ants leave a trail of sawdust going back to the nest. This is obvious on how to treat the infestation. The last sign is damaged wood. Carpenter ants go through wood to make their nests and affect the structure of the plank to where people can see something wrong on the surface. There can be cracks that form or give an appearance like sandpaper.

Avoiding Carpenter Ant Infestations

It’s okay to be concerned about the threat of carpenter ants coming into the home. They do so to find food and shelter for the rest of the colony. If you read the rest of the info above, then you know the threat is real. There are some tips you can follow to stop them from infesting your home by cutting out the holes that attract them in the first place.

First, cover up all food in airtight containers and store them properly, like the fridge or shelf. Second, clean up any food and liquids that spill because left over residue brings pest over. Third, close up cracks in the home which acts an another entrance for these ants. Fourth, get rid of any leaks as carpenter ants like moist places such as wet, rotten wood. Fifth, get rid of all dead wood because the nests are found there. Sixth, put firewood in a shelter that is dry and elevated to let air circulation continue to come through because this is another quick way for carpenter ants to get into your home. They love firewood, so check them out to see if there are signs of infestation. And seventh, remove any dead trees in the backyard because, again, these ants love those type of place to thrive with their nests and can occupy the entire stump and crawl under all the way to your home.

Getting Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Now, that you have found the signs of carpenter ants and where they lie, it is time to get around to rid of them for good. Straightforward way is to destroy the nests, which are usually found within doors, window sills, attics, walls, and other places with wood. But it is easier said than done to find these ants. Carpenter ants move at night and don’t travel in packs. So, you have to be lucky to catch one of them. Plus, it’s not just one nest, but multiple nests to keep the entire colony safe and can thrive if one nest is destroyed.

Carpenter ants, as noted, can do plenty of damage to wood within the home and they will have to be replaced if it’s been badly affected. Before replacing the wood, destroy the colony. But, don’t try to do this alone. Odds are, you will make it a whole lot worse because you won’t destroy the ants and they can bite if they land on you, even though they are not going to attack you. Also, don’t use chemicals that are harmful to you or others and certainly the rest of the house. Call Pest Control Company to get rid of these ants for a proper, thorough, and complete job that is safe for everyone.

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