Bras for 28+ Backs Reviewed: The Freya ‘Lacey’

As I’ve said many a time, I’m usually attracted to bright flashy colours and patterns like a moth to a flame. It’s not very often that I buy a plain or nude bra let alone WANT to buy a nude bra, but the Freya Lacey was a rarer-than-hen’s teeth exception. I also have trouble finding a nude which matches or suits my alabaster complexion and whilst this one doesn’t ‘blend in’, it really compliments my skin tone.

The key to a successful nude bra, for me, is keeping it anything but plain. The Lacey is gorgeous. With latte-coloured, fully opaque, thick material with a subtle graphic micro-print it really warms my cockles. It’s perhaps a sad day when one picks up on things like miniscule brown rectangles on a brown background, but it seems that for me, that day has arrived. Add white polka dots, teeny tiny bows, teeny tiny buttons and a double line of appliquéd white lace to the biscuity mix and I’m caught hook line and sinker.

But wait, just just as you think I’m describing the perfect freedom bra there’s more! The nude fabric continues up the straps over the shoulder and the bottom on the bra has delicate white scalloping detail. Sigh!


Gushing about how subtly pretty this bra is aside, the best thing about this bra is without doubt the shape and the fit. The band is nice and firm (think less Arabella, Deco and Neive, more akin to the likes of Loretta, Sophia, Zara and Tara), the cup is a flawless round shape with firm support.

The more I try them the more I get won over by the power of the nude bra. It’s like one of those days when you wear minimal or no make up but still feel good because you’re having a good skin day. You’re understated but anything but plain. I can wear a white blouse and not worry about that ethereal glow of blue or pink showing through. I can wear semi-sheer clothing and look like I’m indecently exposed… wait, no, maybe I won’t do that…

Instead of making me snore, I’m starting to find ‘skin coloured’ bras satisfyingly liberating – and the Lacey might have just pushed me over the edge.

It’s been three whole seasons since I saw the Freya Ingrid at the Freya A/W 2011 Press Event in March last year, and it was one of my favourite prints of the entire season release. Needless to say I’ve been lusting after it ever since and waiting with bated breath to get my dirty mitts on it either as part of my Freya Fitting Talk allowance or by saving up my own pennies. Thankfully Freya gifted me this one as part of my Fitting Talk allocation (they’re bloody brilliant!) and whilst I love the support it gives, I’m a bit disappointed with the shape.


For me, this isn’t a t-shirt bra. The shape is up, forward but very pointy and triangular. It reminds me almost exactly of styles in the past which I’ve loved the look of but have shied away from due to their projectile madonna-esque shape. I find that the Summer and the Monet bras both flattened me at the top and just didn’t seem to compute. Going up a cup size didn’t solve the problem so I just gave up on both, no matter how much I wished and willed and prayed they would fit me. Sure, throwing on thick or loose-fitting clothing masks the problem, but when it comes to lingerie I rarely settle for less than an 8/10.

It’s just not the same seamless rounded shape from Freya that I’m used to and really doesn’t suit my shape. I feel like I might invite criticism for saying so as I know people who got the Summer and Monet absolutely LOVED it – namely my 30GG long-time Bestie who still calls it her favourite bra even to this day.

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