Big Moves in Small Spaces: Super Helpful Ideas for Truly Tiny Kitchens

Tired of dealing with storage issues in your small kitchen? It doesn’t have to be that way. Read on for space-saving solutions for tiny kitchens.

If you have a small kitchen, it might feel like you don’t have enough room for everything you need. The last thing you want is to have too much space and not enough storage for your stuff, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

All it takes is a little innovation and creativity to turn your small kitchen into a space haven. There are plenty of tips and tricks for a small space that works for you.
If you’re looking for the best storage solutions for tiny kitchens, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out more.

1.Install Pantry Cabinets

Install Pantry Cabinets

One of the best ways to store a lot of kitchen items in one place is by installing pantry cabinets. These are specifically designed to store food and is also a great place to store pots and pans.
They are pretty tall and have lots of shelves so you can maximize the use of space well. If you’re going for a full kitchen remodel or just a few adjustments, it’s worth installing these.

2.Store Up High

Every inch of space is valuable in a small kitchen, so one great way to store it all is by getting high.

No, not like that! Storing things like bowls and pans on top of your cabinets is a free and easy way to tidy things away. Invest in some storage baskets and you can turn it into a great storage space.

It’s also perfect for bigger appliances like food processors or slow cookers and it frees up a lot of counter space.

3.Install Hanging Racks

Install Hanging Racks
Installing a hanging rack is another great way to add more storage to your tiny kitchen.

With these, you can hang up your pots, pans and cooking utensils. It also makes it easy to find them and use whenever you need them.

You can find a whole load of stylish options to make your tiny kitchen pop. Bronze and copper racks make a great impression and suit any style of kitchen.

4.Magnets and Hangers Work Wonders

For the small metal utensils in your kitchen, install magnetic holders along your walls and cabinets. This adds extra storage space without making any big changes.

Hangers also work great for things like ladles, spatulas and dish towels. It makes them easy to grab and you won’t have to search every drawer to find them.

5.Install Extra Shelves

Install Extra Shelves
If you have empty space along your kitchen wall, you’ve got a prime space for extra storage. All you need to do is buy and install some shelves and you have much more space!

They can help you de-clutter your cabinets and you can buy more kitchen essentials without worrying where to put them.

Tiny Kitchens Never Have to Worry About Storage Again

Tiny Kitchens Never Have to Worry About Storage Again
With tiny kitchens, storage space is always going to be a concern. But by using some of these tips, you can make the most of your little space and not have to worry about it.
Want to know what tools you need for the perfect kitchen? Check out our blog post to learn more.

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