7 Benefits of Sleeping on Memory Foam Pillows


Memory Foam Pillows

Usually, most people are drawn to soft feathery, down pillows – With a glimmering hope that it will help them to induce a heavenly night of sleep! The reality is far from it. Those squishy pillows do not always support your neck and upper back sufficiently. Ultimately, it results in upper-body aches and pains.

Want to break out from that irksome misery? Memory Foam Pillow can help! Once you get to find out the real benefits of using memory pillows, you will not go back to other ordinary sleeping pillows.

Top 7 Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows:

1.Continuous Comfort:

Continuous Comfort
Only 37% of adults in the U.S. claim that they sleep comfortably (as of 2019). That is the result of a lack of support from their pillows and mattress.

Memory foam pillow allows you to adjust the shape and position of your head and neck while you are sleeping. So, no more waking up with a sore-neck due to lack of irregular positioning! Combined with a proper mattress, you would sleep as soundly as the night itself.

2.Proper Lumbar Support And Spinal Alignment:

Probably the most useful benefit of using memory foam pillow is the natural spinal alignment. The University of Rochester Medical Center mentioned that muscles and ligaments of the human body should be relaxed while sleeping so that these can heal and regain the normal state.

The right memory foam pillow keeps your neck aligned with your chest and lower back that prevents muscle strains while you sleep. It also promotes blood flow and proper lumbar support while you go deep into sleep.

3.Orthopedic and Therapeutic Benefits:

Orthopedic and Therapeutic Benefits
The inherent structure of Memory foam can provide unique contour and shape to conform to our body. It ensures even support for the neck and head.

A memory foam pillow reforms less where it does not need to(!), and it does more where you put much of the weight. That allows for uniform pressure distribution on all areas of the head and neck. As a result, it eliminates various pressure points all around your delicate body.

4.Hypoallergenic and Easy to Clean:

Memory foam is an artificial material (Not to panic! It’s safe and non-toxic). So it’s free of feathers, dust mites, and other traditional pillow residues.

The memory foam pillow prevents growth and buildup of mold, dust mites, fungus, and all kinds of bacteria to form. So it’s hypoallergenic. At the same time, you can machine wash the entire pillow! Which is not always possible with other kinds of sleeping cushions.

5.Prevent and Resist Various Sleep Disorders:

Prevent and Resist Various Sleep Disorders
Most pillows force your head to tilt upwards and closes off the air passages while you lay down. That leads you to develop various sleep disorders, e.g., snoring, sleep apnea.

A memory foam pillow keeps your spine aligned with the neck and head. At the same time, makes your breathing pattern natural and smooth. That’s how you can avoid lots of unnecessary complications with your sleep.

6.Memory Foam Regulates Your Body Temperature:

Memory foam is capable of absorbing and defusing accessive heat from your body. It can quickly adapt to your thermal needs while you are in a deep sleep. Memory foam pillows cradle your neck and head in a cozy way, so you don’t get too hot or too cold lying on it.

7.No More Flipping and Fluffing!:

No More Flipping and Fluffing!
Do you have to adjust your pillow all the time? Not any more! Memory foam pillow doesn’t need frequent flipping and fluffing with your hand. It’s responsive and remains in the original shape for an extended period.

Final Thoughts:

On average we, the humans spend one-third of our life tucked up in bed – sleeping! So, even if you’re not suffering from neck pain or other injuries, shifting to a memory foam pillow is a smart choice to make. Reducing the risk of future suffering is a no-brainer!

No doubt – Memory Foam Pillows are a nifty lifestyle-hack you can bring into your living. Good luck with that!

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