Bifold Doors – Pros And Cons


Bifold Doors

When you decide to have bifold doors installed in your home, you have achieved a lot more than just a basic home improvement. They may be just doors, yet the overall effect they can achieve on how your home looks can be significant. These doors allow in fresh air and natural light, and they blend seamlessly from your garden to your home. They are very capable of adding value to your home, and there are many reasons to consider these types of doors for your property. But you may be wondering if this option is right for you?

Bifold Door – Pros

Bifold Door – Pros

  • Easy Installation

If you would like to replace a wall in your home or install a door into a smaller opening, bifold doors happen to be one of the best options. You are also able to install as many doors as you like from 2 upwards.

These doors are easy to install in just about any setting, which includes bay windows and corners, which makes them a viable option for the majority of homes. Search bi-fold doors Scotland to find out more.

  • Functional

If you have decided on replacing a wall, you can choose to include a “traffic door” with the structure. This will mean that you are able to make fast exits and entrances without having to close or open every leaf.

Certain patio doors come fitted with a raised track which includes a threshold that is raised. This may become a tripping hazard and can also act as a type of barrier between the outdoors and indoors. Bifolds, on the other hand, is installed at floor level (flush), which does away with these hazards, and offers a finish that is a lot more attractive.

The bifold doors offer the opportunity to allow in fresh air and natural light while you go about your daily tasks.

Bifold doors can also come with anti-bump and finger-safe features to help avoid accidents. This is especially beneficial for homeowners with small kids.

The bifold doors fit onto tracks along with numerous folding points that stack neatly when you open them, which means the doors won’t protrude

Maintaining UPVC and aluminium bifold doors is a lot easier than you may have imagined. All that is required is a wipe down now and again with a regular cleaning fluid that you would use on normal windows.

When you want a bit of privacy or when you would like to shut out the world, you can choose from a variety of custom blinds to match up to your bi-folds.

  • Versatility

Some people are under the impression that the bifold doors can only be used in contemporary homes. Yet in fact, there are so many configurations, styles and designs to choose from and many of these match up perfectly to traditional homes.

The bifold structures are extremely flexible which means you can change them to suit your needs. Whether you want them open all-the-way to allow the sunshine in, or you want to “batten down the hatches” when a storm comes, bifold doors are here to accommodate.

Bi-folds are effective when it comes to enhancing both small and larger homes, which includes bespoke designs to match up to unconventional layouts.

When your doors fold back you can choose to have them fold towards the outside or the inside, helping you to decide on a set-up that matches up to your home.

  • Style

There are also a number of materials on offer for the frames. Aluminium is one of the popular choices as it is strong and durable, yet light to move. It is also one of the easier materials to maintain and it is long-lasting. If you prefer a more classic appeal, the timber frames are also a great option, yet these do require slightly more maintenance and may require a core made of aluminium to strengthen the door.

Once you have decided on the right material, the next step involves choosing the colour and finish to match up to the style of your home. Powder coating, metallic, or woodgrain, in any colour you can think are just some of the options available to help you improve and enhance the visual appeal of your house.

  • Security

Bifolds are among the more secure of the patio doors currently available, particularly the doors constructed out of aluminium. These include various locking points throughout the structure. These are fitted onto enclosed tracks to ensure no intruders will be able to lift them off their tracks and gain entrance into your home.

Bifold Door – Cons

Bifold Door – Cons

  • There Is More Frame Than Glass

Every glass pane will have its own dedicated frame, and when you close the door it can obstruct your view. This is easy to fix by choosing the more slender frames and staying away from dark-coloured frames.

  • No Threshold

Even though not having a threshold that is raised offers more positive benefits than negative, it can present potential problems if the doors were installed incorrectly. With the absence of a barrier between the outside and indoors, water can sweep or get blown indoors. This can be avoided by installing the right drainage system or creating a slope that directs away from your doors.

  • Stacked Doors

If your bifold doors stack up into your home, they will stack and fold inside. This can be a problem when your indoor space is limited so make sure you consult with an installer to choose the best option.

  • Cost

Bifold doors are not cheap. This mainly has to do with the large installation that involves a lot of framing and glass. Also, most of the installations are customized designs that raise costs. The finish and glass type also contribute to the overall price, while the installation costs often varies from one supplier to the next.

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