5 Good Reasons to Change Your Locks When You Buy a New House


Change Your Locks

Congratulations, you just bought a brand-new house! Time to pop the champagne and invite your family and friends over to celebrate. Once the party is over though, it’s time to get to business unpacking your things and changing your locks.

It’ll seem like a lot of work to change locks all over your house but it’s a necessary step for the sake of your own security. You don’t know how many copies of your key are floating around out there. That’s only one reason why you need new locks.

Keep reading for a complete list of reasons why it’s a good idea to change your house locks.

1. You Don’t Know the Previous Occupants

If you knew and liked the previous owners of your new house then this first point won’t matter much to you. If you don’t know who had it last, listen up.
You Don’t Know the Previous Occupants
The previous owners may have told the real estate agent that they gave up every copy of their keys but that doesn’t mean they did. If you want to cut off your access to the unknown it would be best to change the locks.

2. You’re Not Sure How Many Copies of the Key Are Floating Around

During the course of the previous occupant’s stay, they may have given a set of keys to roommates, partners, family, or friends. If you don’t get your locks changed all these people have the ability to enter your house whenever they want. That’s a scary thought!

3. You Want a Different Lock Design

Fear isn’t the only good reason to get your locks changed. It’s okay to get new ones if you just don’t like the design of your current locks or if they’re a little old and rusted.

You’ve spent a lot of money on this house. You deserve to have locks that match your style.

4. You Want to Upgrade Your Security

Sometimes it’s less about the style of the locks and more about security. You want to trade out your current outdated locks for electronic ones that are a little higher in security, and for good reason.
You Want to Upgrade Your Security
These locks can’t be picked by a burglar and nobody will be able to swipe your key and make a copy of it.

5. You Have Different Lock Brands

It can be annoying if a bunch of the locks in your house is a different brand. This will leave you carrying around a ring of unnecessary jangling keys.

Cut back on the number of keys on your key ring by changing all of your locks over to the same brand.

Change Locks on Your New House

After you’re done celebrating buying a new house it’s time to change locks. It’s the only way to ensure that nobody can break-in. Including the previous owners.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up your local locksmith and make an appointment today.

Once you’ve gotten the locks changed it’s time to start decorating your new house. Visit our blog daily for all the latest design tips.

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