Wooden Features to Make Your Home More Regal
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Best Wooden Features to Make Your Home More Regal

Wood features not only add texture and visual interest to interior design, but they can also create a warm, inviting atmosphere. To turn your house into a beautiful home, introduce wooden elements to ground a space while giving it the wow factor.

If you want to create an interior design that is fit for a king or queen, learn about the best wooden features to make your home more regal.

Choose a Dark Wooden Bed Frame

If you would like a bed that looks fit for Queen Elizabeth II herself, make a statement in your bedroom with a darker wood frame. The bed will quickly become a focal point in a master bedroom, as it will ooze elegance, luxury, and regality. Plus, the wood material can add a natural sense of warmth, which will make the interior feel inviting and cozy.

Install Timber Casement Windows

Wow every passer-by by installing timber casement windows. It is a perfect option for creating a traditional yet sophisticated design, as the timber can add unique beauty to your exterior and interior. 

It is for this reason that the windows are often used in period homes, as the natural look can complement historic architectural designs. Help your property stand out in your neighborhood by booking a consultation with Home Counties Joinery to choose the perfect timber casement windows for your property.

Pick Quality Hardwood Flooring

Wooden Features to Make Your Home More Regal1

Hardwood flooring can tie décor together and create a comfortable, visually appealing interior. Choose wide planks for long floors to elongate a space and inject a sense of luxury into a room. Also, you can accentuate patterns in the wood by applying a matte or oil finish, as it can bring the wood’s nuances to the surface to add texture and interest.

The hardwood flooring color you choose can determine the look and feel of your interior design. For example, dark wood can ground a space and create a more luxurious, traditional feel, while pale tan shades will create a warm, contemporary environment. 

Add Exposed Wooden Beams

Create a picture-perfect property by installing exposed, chunky wooden beams onto your ceiling. It will create a historic, traditional feel in a property, and your interior will appear more expensive and sophisticated. Plus, the structural wood element can add color, texture, and drama to an interior design, which could make visitors fall in love with your property as soon as they step inside.


Wooden elements have the power to ground a room while adding color, texture, and elegance to an interior design. As you can see from the tips above, there are various ways to elegantly incorporate wood features into the home, from installing timber casement windows to laying down quality hardwood flooring.

However, the wood color you choose can determine your property’s atmosphere and interior design, which is why you must pick wisely. Also, you must complement the material with elegant furniture and fixtures, such as a striking chandelier or an upholstered armchair.

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