Best Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

Having a garden is not all about aesthetics. No matter if you’re using it as a hangout spot or a place to grow your plants and crops, it’s a given that the garden needs constant care and maintenance. This is most especially during seasons where we have to go through either extreme heat.

That said, how can you prepare your garden for summer? It may be easy to say that the scorching heat from the sun shouldn’t stop us from hanging out and relaxing in the garden, but it’s actually more than that since we’re talking about sun damage, possibly burning plants, and just an overall uncomfortable time.

To help you ensure that your garden stays protected and fun during summer, we’ll talk about the top five ways you should consider doing in the following sections.

  1. Install Sunshades

Our main enemy when it’s summer is the sun. No matter how much you like getting Vitamin D, you’ll surely get tired from it once it turns into a painstakingly humid heat outdoors.

Because of this, it will be a good choice to start your summer preparations with sunshades. These include umbrella canopies, a pergola, or simple sunshade nets that you can get off of Amazon and other online shopping sites.

You should consider getting one for the exact hangout spot in your garden and another for your windows. This will help you prevent the heat from bouncing off from your windows to your garden’s surroundings.

  1. Clean Your Pools

For homeowners with a swimming pool in your garden, you may want to consider getting it professionally cleaned before the summer season comes in. This applies even if you’re getting it regularly cleaned since we’re specifically talking about the water and surfaces, not just floating leaves and trash.

For reference, you can contact pool professionals to avail of cleaning services. It’s also best if you ask them about balancing the pool’s pH to fully prepare it for the heat and the swimmers.

Alongside this, we recommend getting a pool cover, so you can prevent your pool water from being too hot and internally becoming too acidic to swim in. Use the cover every time the pool is not in use.

Garden 2

  1. Consider Adding a Garden Hot Tub

Suppose you’re looking to add another trendy fixture that can contribute to both aesthetics and functionality. In that case, you should highly consider looking into affordable hot tubs online and placing them in your garden. This is a less costly alternative to pools, which makes it a good refresher for those who can’t afford it.

Still, those that already have pools can still expect this to help in spicing up your current pool since tubs can easily highlight its space.

Not to mention, there are countless ways to incorporate hot tubs, so it can also be your way to make a big change to your existing garden.

  1. Refresh Your Garden’s Design

Paying attention to your garden’s design is also a good way to prep it for the new season. One of the most common ways to do this is to repaint your fences with a cooler color. This will somehow reduce the heat that they will absorb and circulate around your garden.

Alternatively, you can consider adding new furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables, and other decorations that you can think of. Basically, your goal for this is to give your garden a cool new look. You can simply depend on your preference when it comes to this aspect.

  1. Install a Sprinkler or Any Misting System

The last on our list involves sprinklers and other similar misting systems. This is another effective way to cool down your garden without manually spraying everything with a hose or dipping in the water yourself. These tools are affordable and can be very handy when the season’s too hot to go outside and water plants.


To wrap it up, your priority when preparing your garden for summer should revolve around heat protection and refreshment.

By this, it means that it will be best if you start with the necessities, such as sunshades and anything else that can protect you from heat directly and indirectly. Refreshers, on the other hand, revolve around things that can cool you down, like pools, hot tubs, and mists.

If you have more time, budget, and effort to spare, then you may also want to refresh your garden’s look, starting from the fences’ paint, existing plants, and likes. You can add anything else based on your preferences once all these are set.

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