Best Things About Living In Melbourne And Why You’ll Never Want To Leave

Melbourne is one of the cities in the Victorian state of Australia. If you’re looking forward to travelling to Australia either as an expert or a tourist, it should surely be at the top of your list.

This city is mostly known as a gold rush town. That’s because, in the 1850s, the unearthing of gold made it boom financially. Apart from that, Melbourne is the cultural arts and sports capital of Australia. It has stable health care and robust infrastructure, education, and environment serving its population of over 4 million people. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving locally in Melbourne or internationally, there are moving companies that can help you relocate to this city.

Here are some of the best things about living in Melbourne:

1. Great Coffee


Melbourne is known to offer great coffee in Australia. That’s because its coffee roasters and baristas are creative and skilled. In fact, caffeine appreciation is adored like religion in Melbourne. 

As you walk around this city, you may not encounter a typical Melbourne café because the best ones are in the heart of the communities. Sorry to disappoint you, but you may have to visit these communities to drink coffee and indulge your appetite with the best foods. 

Melbourne coffee brewers claim that their coffee is not only the best in Australia but the whole world. This claim may be partially justified because it’s quite hard to find a bad cup of coffee in Victoria. Most coffee brewers in this state are skilled in their craft. The only challenge you’ll encounter is to decide whether to order a matcha latte, flat white, or an extra hot.

2. Great Houses

Great Houses

The houses in Melbourne will attract you regardless of the country you’re moving from. Instead of encountering rows of similar-looking, terraced, and semi-detached houses, you’ll find Melbourne’s suburbs full of spacious detached houses. 

Its city centre has a mix of striking ancient buildings and new apartment complexes. Most individuals in Melbourne’s CBD prefer living in apartments. If apartments are your thing, you’ll just need to select your style. 

The rent you’ll pay for a three-bedroomed apartment in Melbourne is about $2400. However, you may pay less in the leafy suburbs. Some statistics indicate that rent prices in this Victorian city are 67% less than in London.

If you love space, you may have to move to towns like Ballarat, Bendigo, and Geelong. In these towns, you’ll find affordable spacious properties and friendly communities. Some people think that the best thing about living in Victoria is its good neighbours. 

3. Perfect Weather

Living In Melbourne2

Although Australia is known for unpredictable weather, Victoria and Melbourne have a milder climate that’s best for individuals who live in too cold or too hot climates. The average highest temperature in hot months is about 26c, while the highest temperature in winter is 14c. Melbourne has 2200 hours of sunshine every year. 

Despite this mild climate, occasionally mother nature may send electric thunderstorms and crazy heat waves to this city. Also, it’s not unusual to experience a high-pressure system because the city is near the coast. These weather fluctuations are mostly because of localized sea breezes. That notwithstanding, there may be nothing perfect other than an afternoon rainstorm that falls after a 40-degree morning.


Melbourne has many reasons that’ll attract you to live in it. Its perfect weather, fantastic houses, and great coffee make it the perfect place to call home.

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