Best Linear Shower Drain

Bathroom remodels, and refreshes can make a big difference in your home. One area that is often not thought too much about is the type of shower drain you want to install. One good option is the linear shower drain. It works for a lot of different shower setups and provides superb drainage.
There are numerous options for linear shower drains out there. With this article, you will be able to find the best linear shower drain for your home.

Shower Barrier

Some showers have barriers, while others are barrier-free. For barrier-free showers, you will need to ensure that any decorative features of the linear drain do not hinder entrance to the shower. In addition to that, it is also not advisable to use narrow linear drains on a barrier-free shower as they may not be able to control the flow of water appropriately.
Shower Barrier

Flow Rate Of Shower Fixtures

Different shower fixtures offer different flow rates. The linear drain you choose needs to take linear drain you choose needs to take into account the flow rate. The size, visual design, and linear design are all things that can affect your shower’s ability to drain when you install a linear drain. Most linear drains will have a flow rating on them. Simply match that up with the flow rate of your shower head.

Continuity Of Design

If you are looking to have an uninterrupted design in your shower you will need to look for a specific type of linear drain design. This design is known as a tile-in linear drain. They provide you with a much more attractive shower design and can be made to incorporate most tiles designs. Make sure to check yoru specific tile will fit with the drain you choose. Some linear drains are only able to be used with smaller tiles while others can be used with tiles of all sizes.

For those that aren’t concerned with the continuity of design or would rather have the traditional drain appearance you can get drain grates in all sorts of designs, from the classic straight lines to circles, curves, and everything in between.

Length Of Shower Matters

When selecting a linear drain, you need to take into account the measurement of your shower. For new bathroom builds you have the freedom of modifying the dimensions to pick the linear drain that works for you. But for remodels you might be a little bit limited. Make sure to look at the size of any linear drain you consider to ensure it will work with your shower.
Length Of Shower Matters

Look For A Debris Basket

Having a drain that gets clogged up is no fun. When you are looking for a linear drain, make sure you find one that comes with a debris basket. Preferably one that is easy to access and clean. This will help you to have a clog-free shower.

Safety Concerns

If you are concerned about safety and wheelchair compliance, then make sure the linear drain is entirely flat. Most linear drains are flat, but the design of the drain or the tiles you add may have raised surfaces which could cause problems with the mobility impaired or those who use wheelchairs. One way to ensure that you have a safe shower drain is to look for ADA compliance.

Linear drains are great for the fact that they possess a significant visual appeal. They also are great for maximum shower safety by providing a trip-free environment. Use the tips we have provided above to help you select the perfect linear shower drain for your bathroom. Just remember that in general, no one linear shower drain is right for every project.

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