Best Home Gym Equipment For Stronger Abs

Ab workouts were once just boring and strenuous floor exercises. If you want those six-pack abs you’d have to get on the floor and force yourself into sit-ups and leg lifts, probably doing some damage to your back in the meantime.


We now have access to a range of ab workout equipment at home which makes getting those perfect abs easier, safer, and a lot more fun. And the best part is, you don’t even need that much space in your home gym for these compact pieces of equipment.

Here are just a few pieces of home gym equipment you can use to build that core strength.

Sit Up Bench

If you struggle to do a full sit up, you’re not alone. Everyone has to start from somewhere and, much like push-ups, a proper sit-up takes some decent core strength and good posture to perform correctly. Until you’ve built up a bit of core strength, you’ll probably struggle to keep your legs on the floor as you complete your sit up making the exercise a lot less effective. What’s more, completing sit-ups on the floor or even on a mat can do havoc on a sore back and make the whole exercise a real grind.

That’s where a sit-up bench can make all the difference.

Having the best sit up bench around in your own home means more comfortable workouts and greater core isolation for faster results. These comfortable pieces of equipment also reduce pressure on your back to keep you safe and reduce the risk of injuries which could be detrimental to your workout.

The best thing about these benches is you can increase the intensity of your ab workouts once you start building strength. This means you keep building your abs even when you’ve built up your core strength and started to feel less of a burn with each exercise. A lot of these sit-up benches have several different positions so you can alter the intensity of your workout from beginner sit-ups to advance declined sit-ups to keep the burn going.

Weight Bench

Your regular weight bench is also great for building more than just upper body strength. The range of chest exercises you can do with a weight bench is ideal for building core strength and many weight benches are FID (flat, incline, decline) which is great for beginner and advanced core workouts.

If you are just starting out with crunches and sit-ups, you can easily put your bench in an incline position to give you that head starts you need to perfect your posture. On the other hand, if you have been building those abs for a while and need more of a burn, the decline positions give you a full extension of the abdominals for a real workout.
Weight Bench
What’s more, your regular chest presses and dumbbell flies are essential for building all over core strength as part of a whole-body workout. As well as ab focussed exercises, you can use a weight bench to build core strength through both weight lifting and body weighted exercises.

Ab Rocker

Perfect for any sized home, an ab rocker can be used in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere in the house because it is such a light and compact piece of equipment. Although it might be a little too easy for people who already have developed abs, an ab rocker is great for beginners and anyone who experiences neck pain during crunches.

The mechanism holds your body in place while you perform the crunch so your posture doesn’t suffer and you don’t cause any injuries to your neck. This is a simple and easy piece of equipment for your home gym and a great way to start on your ab journey. Many even come with a comfortable cushion so you can perform ab exercises on the ground without back pain.

Ab Roller

For slightly more advanced moves that will take your ab workout to the next level, a good ab roller can really target all areas of your core, including obliques as well as your shoulders and arms. This is a great way to improve core and upper body strength while building abs and is much more fun than a regular plank or hip rocker.

The design of ab rollers also provides more stability and support when performing these exercises so you can focus on your posture and really target those abs. For beginners, you can start on your knees and perform some simple stretches and for more advanced users, you can roll the device to the left and right to really attack those obliques.

Roman Chair

Great for working on your back muscles at the same time as your core, a roman chair is easy to use for beginners and more advanced users can also add more resistance with weights. They can also be used for ab specific workouts and the leg holders keep your body in place while you get used to the movements.
Roman Chair
This piece of equipment is great for providing a bit of variety in your ab workout and adding more challenging moves. A lot of people forget to work on their back muscles when they are building their abs, but these are also an important part of working on your core strength.


So, if you’ve maxed out on the regular old sit-ups and ab crunches and are looking for a way to really build up your abs, a new piece of home gym equipment can make all the difference.

Whether you are new to sit-ups or are looking to really push yourself, the right equipment is the first step towards the abs you’ve always wanted.

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