Best Affordable Home Projects

Are you looking to make some home improvements on a budget? Here are six projects that you can do that will add value to your home without breaking the bank.

Trim and Paint

Trim and Paint

When starting to tackle home improvement projects, start simple. Decide on a set of old clothes that will be your work attire for projects, get a tool belt made from occidental leather and start with the easy projects first. Painting is one of the easiest home improvements you can make. Whether you touch-up the trim around your windows and door frames, or bring a brighter color into the kitchen, this is one of the least expensive improvement projects that can totally change the look of your home.

Changing Vanities and Counters

Another great way to improve your kitchen and your bathroom is by installing new counter tops and vanities. This upgrade could be a little more expensive if you get real granite counter tops, but you could get nice laminate counter tops that look just as great without the ticket price. If you install them on your own, that saves you even more money.

Lighting Improvement

Lighting Improvement
A simple change to improve your home could also be updating light fixtures. Changing out old lamps, lampshades or ceiling lights can really change the lighting in a room as well as the design. If you replace your basic ceiling lights with a new chandelier, you can upgrade the whole kitchen in just days. New lamp shades can change a room’s look from old to modern. You could even repaint the lamp base for some new color.

Closet Organizer

This upgrade is less about looks and more about practicality. Installing new shelves, a different hanging system, or a shoe rack in your closet will neaten out your clothes and likely give you more storage space.


Upgrading the outside of your home does not have to mean new siding, new shingles or a new porch. With the right landscaping, you can totally change the curb appeal of your home. Lay a brick walkway to your front door or get hydrangea bushes to plant under the front windows. You could even build your own patio with some stone slabs or outdoor tiles.

Home projects do not all have to be about adding new rooms or tearing out the old kitchen cabinets. There are plenty of smaller ways you can change the look of your home to match your style and add value to what you already have. Learning how to do simple projects on your own can really pay off down the line!

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