Beautiful Bathroom: Renovation Checklist


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If you live an average lifespan, you will spend approximately 2 years, 225 days in the bathroom if you are male and 2 years, 40 days if you are female. 

We’re not sure which is more astonishing, the fact that everyone spends more than 2 years of their lives in the bathroom or the fact that men spend more time in there than women!

Regardless, if we’re all going to be spending so much time in the bathroom, we might as well make it a beautiful place.

Here’s an easy bathroom renovation checklist to help you get started!

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Step 1: Choose a Renovation Expert

If you want your bathroom renovation made easy, you’ll definitely want to hire a contractor. Choose one with plenty of experience renovating bathrooms to ensure your new bathroom turns out how you planned. 

Don’t just go with the first company you find on the Internet. Do a bit of research to make sure the company will be a good fit for you. After all, they’re going to be tromping around your house for a few weeks.

Step 2: Plan the Renovation

Put your head together with your chosen contractor’s design team to create the bathroom you’re dreaming of. You might not know how to explain what you’re looking for, but a contractor with a solid design team can easily fill in the gaps.

Step 3: Obtain Permits

If you’ll be making structural changes, it’s likely you’ll need a permit before you can begin. Your contractor can advise you on whether you‘ll need one and how to get it if you do. 

Step 4: Demolition

Completely renovating your bathroom will require stripping out all the old materials first. Be sure to have something on hand to remove the waste, particularly if you don’t have space to store it. 

An important thing to note at this point is to conserve any materials you can reuse. This will help cut down on the cost of the renovation. 

Step 5: Redo Services

If you’ll be moving fixtures around, you’ll need a plumber and electrician to reroute the piping and wires. Don’t try to cut corners here because it will be a major pain and expense to sort it out later if you do something wrong.

Step 6: Plasterboard 

Once you’re done with the work inside the walls, you’re ready to hang the plasterboard and give your bathroom some shape once again.

Step 7: Cabinets and Fixtures

Then the new cabinets and bathroom fixtures can be installed. Tiling should be installed at this point and the electrician and plumber will come back to finish hooking up the fixtures. 

Hang a mirror and add a couple of pieces of artwork to personalize the look. 

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Voila! An Amazing Bathroom!

With that, you now get to enjoy your brand new bathroom. Light a couple of candles and take a long, relaxing soak in your new tub or enjoy a delightful shower. 

You have successfully said goodbye to your old, outdated bathroom for good!

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