Basic Lawn Maintenance And Care Tips

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“The making of a garden is as hard as keeping it well maintained.” Every garden requires simple yet important steps for its proper growth. The level of elegance in your garden results from various factors. The type of grass you choose, the amount of time spend to take care of it, and the knowledge you research for taking care of it. All accounts for it.

Feeding and Watering

Watering is one of the most important aspects of the maintenance of the garden. Lack of water causes the garden loses its color. Gradually, it makes the grass stay flat when walked on. Two factors affect the watering process: frequency and amount. There are two factors depend upon the type of soil or weather of your location. Morning time is considered to be the best time for watering. Try researching in your local for best sprinkler heads for your lawn.

Alongside watering, feeding is also one important aspect. A variety of grass feeds are available in the market, which provides the best soil nutrient. On average, lawns are to be fertilized twice a year – one in Springs with nitrogen-rich content. Secondly, with potash and phosphate-rich content in autumn.
Feeding and Watering

Remove Weeds, Moss and Thatch

These unwanted plants are responsible for preventing growth by block air and nutrients. These pesky things trap sunlight and de-nurture roots. They can come from anywhere. From birds flying around to your shoe sole, everything can help them grow. Lawn weeds should be pulled out, including their root. This can be done with a hand tool or with herbicides of low toxicity.

The part of dead leaves, grass, and roots form thatch. They tend to affix themselves in between fresh grass, creating a blockage for nutrients. Scarification is the best solution for the removal of thatch. It includes raking and then removing mulch. Moss is another type of attack on your garden from unwanted plants. Moss can be controlled by scarification and feeding.


To aerate a soil is to make small holes in it. These holes lie in intervals and depths. Aerating soil delivers better penetration of air, water, or other necessary items to the root zone. It will help to gain the right nutrients for good growth. Aerating is a good way of treatment moisture issues. This method can be done by garden forks or through aerating shoes.

Improve Drainage

Lawns often become clogged with water and become patchy. This condition can last for hours and sometimes for days. The main two reasons for soil clogging are affected soil ability to absorb moisture and landscaping of your lawn.

To improve soil drainage, one needs to focus on reducing surface build-up. Changing the basic nature of your soil will make it more fertile. Use plants that increase soil clogging or mixing soil with organic materials will make the necessary changes.

Mowing and Edging

Mowing requires only one-third of the grass length being cut down. Summers require heavy mowing length while winter requires less amount of grass to be cut. Always avoid mowing when your lawn is wet. Mowing through wet grass causes damage and prevent healthy growth for future plantation. While mowing with a roller, alternate the direction of mowing each time.
Mowing and Edging
Edging is also one prominent feature in maintaining a lawn. Half-moon edging tools could be one great helping hand.

Over Seeding

Overseeding is done to rejuvenate the grass. This is done by covering the lawn with seeds mixed with fertilizers. Damaged and thinning areas are covered in over-seeding, preventing moss and weed invasion.

Done on annual intervals, seeding first requires scarification of the land. Mowing is then carried out after proper aeration of the ground. Spreaders are taken in usage for the best over-seeding process.

Top Dressing

Topdressing is the final and in-depth step for taking care of your lawn grass. It will help you with providing drought resistance to your grass and help to improve the quality of your soil.

We hope our above steps could have been any help in making your lawn a far better area. It craves time for something to show changes. But when those plants and all the greenery culminate together for the beauty of your whole place, it makes everyone gasps for a moment.

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