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Traditional master bathroom with white, free-standing tub. White vanity and tiled floors.

Where do most Residential Renovations project go wrong? When people talk about it, the possibilities are plenty. Most folks expect their Residential Renovations to be perfect. It always starts with high willingness, big expectations, and mostly big funds.

Considering Residential Renovations may change the whole house, it is a must to have a good picture of what you want it. I’ve seen a lot of people have made good preparation and the ideas. But when their ideas are shared with the other workers, they can be more or less visualized. You know, this is because of different expectations and willingness. Most home-owners planning Residential Renovations fail to realize that they are the buyer and the contractor is the seller. Well, considering the fact that you are trying to renovate your residence, it is important to communicate all you want with the contractors. No hidden plan, all is out.

Above all your necessities with renovating plan, it is important to share the ideas with your contractors. If you have no idea about your Residential Renovations, there are always ways. One of the most remarkable ideas come from S+H Construction, the multi-award winning firm. They are experienced in conducting architects, Residential Renovations, custom building, historic restorations, and many more. They serve Boston area for over 3 decades. Of course they have recorded many successful renovations. And some masterpieces they created have been shared in this post.

Master bedroom with black fireplace and patterned area rug. Red painted walls and a blue and white armchair

Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and light wood cabinets. Kitchen island with metal stools

Dining room with an open floor plan. Wooden dining table and stone fireplace

Contemporary dining room with detailed, cushioned dining chairs. A black dining table sits on an area rug

Eclectic living room with patterned armchair and built in storage and shelves

Traditional living room with black, oversized ottoman, coffee table, oriental area rug, geometric patterned, white arm chairs, and white couch

Contemporary kids bedroom with grey carpet, brown armchair, and patterned curtains

Painted stairs with a colorful striped carpet runner. Built in storage and shelving unit

Rustic swimming pool area. Stone fireplace and outdoor, stone kitchen. Patio furniture, including armchairs

Traditional master bathroom with white, free-standing tub. White vanity and tiled floors.

Rustic living room with stone fireplace, stripped area rug, wooden coffee table, bookshelves, and brown recliner

Exterior with steps leading to a blue front door

ound dining table sits on a patterned area rug

A dining room with a natural wood table and a stone fireplace

S+H Construction was established by Alex Slive and Doug Hanna. They began their careers in the construction field in Greater Boston area. They began work together on renovation and restoration projects in older buildings in Cambridge. They started their work when they were still attending high school. Since then, S+H Construction has been recognized across the area due to the remarkable renovations, satisfactory customer service and fair pricing. I’ve grabbed some of their works in this post. enjoy.

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