Amsterdam Boat Trips


Amsterdam Boat Trips

When we talk about the most visited tourist spots around the globe, Amsterdam has a secure spot. It’s a heaven for tourists due to quite a few reasons. Amsterdam has a number of museums and historic sites and it is a city of artists. However, among its greatest attractions is the network of canals that flow across Amsterdam enhancing its scenic beauty many fold. The boats that sail in these waterways amidst the glowing town, passing by the city’s most visited sites provide a dreamy way of exploring the town. So, it you want to get the best out of your tour, consider sailing through Amsterdam’s canals in a private cruise. It is certainly among the most wholesome ways of enjoying the beauty of this town to the best. Visit to book your private boat tour today and immerse yourself in the city’s captivating beauty and charm!

Why Hire Amsterdam Boat Trips

Boat trips are among the most preferred ways of roaming around the city. A whole network of canals that flows across the city offers an opportunity to closely and calmly witness the famous spots while relaxing on a saloon boat’s sundeck. You can even enjoy your meal alongside right on your boat. 

These tours are guided by the boat’s captain who is also a dedicated guide to the sailors. He shares interesting insights about the city and its tourist destinations and being a local having deep knowledge about the city, he tells the boarders about some of the less explored facts and sites which are worth visiting. 

The personal cruises like our Undine are provided with every possible facility you could ask for on a boat trip. Besides, unlike the larger tourist boats, private ones offer more privacy. These boats can take you even to the narrowest canals, never missing a site worth seeing. Moreover, some of the city’s most popular eateries are located along the waterways and serve food on the boat. So you can cherish a water-borne meal while sailing your way across the heart of the town.

You can even convert these tours into a dinner cruise with a partner or with your family members. Small to medium-sized canal cruises like Undine are equipped to deal with weather, Undine has reinforced, double panes on its windows to make sure these are always free of fog and offer the clearest possible view. 

It can be partially or fully covered in rainy or cold weather. Moreover, the boats have a central heating system and fleeces to help you feel cozy. These personal cruises feature a mini bar on board for the boarders to enjoy drinks of their choice. A wide variety of drinks are made available whether these are hot beverages, cold drinks, beer, etc. 

Undine can accommodate up to 8 people and the rent starts from EUR 250 per hour. However, if you would like to have a meal on board, it can house a maximum of 5 people and must be hired for at least 120 minutes or more. You can order your meal from 2 or three eateries along the canal banks. If you have kids accompanying you, how about a pizza cruise to make little ones feel special? Besides, the luxury breakfast tours or lunch tours are also offered on our private boat. In short, you can customize your tour in any way you like. 

One of the advantages of hiring a small to medium private boat against the larger tourist boats is that the private ones, because of being perfectly sized can be taken to almost every water way, even most of the narrower ones. This means you will have the opportunity to visit almost every site which you might miss on the large boats. 

Against the backdrop of the charm offered by water borne trips and the facilities available on board, it is highly advisable that you hire Amsterdam boat trips to explore the beautiful tourist sites of the city and to get a wholesome tour of the charismatic city. Private boats have a range of benefits over the tourist boats and are hence recommended as you don’t have to share your boat with strangers and you can customize your tour on a saloon boat according to your preferences. Besides, a smaller size means, no fear of getting stuck in the traffic. 

You can even choose your own routes on a private boat as opposed to tourist boats where the routes are fixed and cannot be changed. Besides, these boat tours are also suitable for celebrating special occasions, whether it is a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or anything else you would like to celebrate with your loved ones. 

How to Find Amsterdam Boat Trips?

Now when you know sailing through its waters is a preferred way of exploring Amsterdam, it is advisable that you ensure you have booked a private boat ahead of time to avoid disappointment later. For almost all boat hiring companies, booking can be done online and also on the phone. Same is the case with Whether you want to book a small cruise with your partner or a medium sized cruise to enjoy your tour in a larger group, or looking for bigger-sized boats for larger groups, get in touch and book a boat suiting your needs. 

You can book a boat by using our online boat booking platform or contact on the following numbers for any specific instructions.


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