All You Need to Know About Japanese Beds

In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is essential to create a sense of calm and serenity in the home. In addition to factors like wall color, darkness, and temperature, it is the bed which has a huge impact on the type of sleep you have. If you are on the lookout for ways that will make you feel more comfortable to sleep, you might have come across Japanese beds. You can introduce a little zen inside the bedroom with an Akita bed. It is a platform bed which can create the right atmosphere you want in the bedroom. If you are not sure whether this bed fits your needs, here is all you need to know about it.

Components of the bed frame

Components of the bed frame

There are certain characteristics which set the bed apart from the other types of beds. You need to be aware of the main characteristics of the bed before you make a buying decision.

Low lying design

The easiest way you can identify a Japanese bed is by its low profile design. The history and culture of Japan features a number of activities which tend to happen lower than most Americans are used to. Japanese styles are low towards the ground. An Akita will fit the bill perfectly. The bed has a frame as well as side rails which measure only about 7 inches in height and its slat support system is nestled about two inches lower which makes the mattress sit low at about 5 inches from the floor. Those who have resided in Japan at any point of time will be aware of the concept of sleeping on the floor and Akita is just that. It is the closest you can get to a Japanese style bed.

Wrap around frame

Wrap around frame
Before buying any type of bed for your home, you need to think about the aesthetics of the platform of the bed. In traditional Japanese style, you could sleep on a tatami mat which is laid on the floor. Those who think that the floor is not a good option, you need to consider sleeping over a mattress. You can actually create the look of tatami with a low flat surface which is surrounded by woods. Akita offers the best solution here. It has a heavy frame and a floating effect design that is combined with stylish nightstands. The result is that the bed appears as if the mattress is set inside the wood flooring. You can create a zen hideaway with a low mattress.

Colors and materials

The third component of the Japanese platform bed is natural tones. An ideal bed takes inspiration from natural finishes. In the article “The Ultimate Japanese Bed: Akita Platform”, Kevin Sykes says that true Japanese platform beds use natural colors and materials. The beds are far away from materials like steel. It is available in different types of finish combinations like espresso and white, walnut and white, gray oak and white, Jacobean and oatmeal, espresso and gray, beech and charcoal. Once you find the color combination that complements your bedroom, you simply need to decide on the size. The bed is available in your favorite sizes which means there is no need to hunt down for a new mattress. The combinations have been discussed in brief.
Colors and materials
White and Espresso: The combination of an espresso brown veneer and white leather headboards look stunning and very fashionable. It has a contemporary and clean look which will seamlessly fit into a modern home. If you have white interiors, this bed will immediately add an aesthetic element to your home.

White and Walnut: The beautiful combination of walnut veneer and white can give your bedroom the elegant and classy look that you will love for many years to come. It is a unique addition to your home which will reflect your personality and preferences.

White and gray oak: If you want to opt for a gray tone, choose the gray oak veneer with the beautiful white leather. This is a sharp and stunning combination that is a trendy style on contrasts.

Gray and Espresso: Now if you do not want any white, you have the option of considering natural tones like gray and an espresso. It is a soothing hue which gives a perfect combination of vegan leather and veneer. You are absolutely going to love this bed.

Oatmeal and Jacobean: A classic, stylish combination, a bed in dark walnut with oatmeal is the perfect blend of modern shades which will leave you feeling as if you are dozing off inside a forest. It is an offbeat choice for your modern home.

Charcoal and Beech: This is a luxury finish which has a beech veneer contrast and charcoal gray leather headboards. The Japanese pairing blends with Danish design and looks chic and upscale.

Given the number of options, finding the right bed for the bedroom can be tricky. While you are trying to build the perfect blend of comfort and zen, it requires you to consider a number of elements. You need to look for a bed which appears to blend with your floor. Hence, pick a bed that has a low profile design and a wide frame. Next, go for natural elements like wood, leather, linen and natural hues. Consider the decor theme inside your house when buying a bed and keep the size of the room in mind. The Akita bed will offer you an ideal combination of all elements and will guarantee a sound sleep every night.

You need to understand that the Akita bed is very different from the contemporary beds you have been using in the past. You need to check out the bed in person and see what makes it unique. Buy it only when you are fully convinced about its components and its impact on your sleep. The bed is indeed very classy and highly comfortable. It is an ideal addition in modern homes.

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