All Season House Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners


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Undeniably, when given a choice, most people would prefer to spend the Sunday binge-watching Netflix and munching snacks. However, things can be different when your house is your biggest investment. That’s true for a majority of Americans. They look after their humble abode and spend Sundays mowing the lawn or fixing leakages. Likewise, they decorate their home with exquisite furniture, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. In addition to décor, you have to invest in home maintenance. 

Usually, people consider renovations when gutters start overflowing, and the paint starts chipping off the walls. And that’s not how it should be. Like a regular health check-up, a home maintenance schedule for every season is essential to keep the house in good condition. You have to check the exterior walls, electrical systems, and leakages to prevent any structural damage. 

The durability of the house is something everyone wishes to uphold to the highest standards. Hence, please don’t wait for your little paradise to start tearing apart to give it a makeover. If you are wondering how to look after your humble abode every season? Have a look below. Here we are disclosing an all-season house maintenance checklist for homeowners. 

Beat the Summer Blues – Summer Season

Many people consider summer to be the season when one should take a break and enjoy at home. Still, you have to get a few chores done to keep the home upkeep. Here’s a small summer home maintenance checklist. 

  • Check Air Conditioning: Surviving through hot and humid weather is nothing less than a challenge. And things can become a lot tougher if air conditioners don’t work properly. Hence, invest in a reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. You can look for one in your region to have a hassle-free installation. For instance, if you reside in Maryland, look up HVAC Baltimore to find trustworthy service providers. 
  • Book Fumigation Services: Summer brings a lot of termites and ants along. Therefore, get in touch with a pest control company beforehand and get fumigation done to keep the bugs away. 
  • Paint the Exterior: With high temperatures, the paint starts fading away in no time. You can opt for masonry paint for the exterior walls since it has a thick texture. Alongside blocking the heat, it is also durable. 
  • Build a Drainage System: Do you face drainage problems often? Instead of cleaning gutters, consider rebuilding the entire drainage system with catch basins. 
  • Maintain the Refrigerator: As summers can be cruel, you must adjust the refrigerator’s temperature. In addition, vacuum the coils to remove dirt and dust since it hinders the fridge’s performance. 

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Prepare Your Home for the Most Beautiful Season – Spring

Spring cleaning is increasingly popular among homeowners today. Surprisingly, you can get incredible results when cleaning gets combined with spring home maintenance. Have a look below. 

  • Repaint the Walls: As you start moving things around, you might notice chips and cracks on the walls. Grab a roller brush and freshen up the house by repainting the walls. 
  • Service Dehumidifiers: Typically, dehumidifiers collect a lot of dust and debris. It means you have to clean and replace the air filters to avoid any allergies. 
  • Inspect the Basement: If you don’t use the basement much, you might come across mold and dampness around the corners. Hence, make sure to get rid of it. 
  • Maintain Your Garden: Spring is the only time of the year when you can find leaves and blooming flowers in the nursery. Thus, start trimming the hedges and mow the lawn. 
  • Drain the Water Heater. Since you won’t be using the water heater during spring, clean up the sediment and debris inside that accumulated during winters. 

Winter won’t Last Forever – Winter Season

For many people, cold weather is a break from heat and humidity. After all, individuals can finally relax in front of the fireplace while sipping hot beverages. Nevertheless, there are a couple of mandatory home maintenance tasks that you must perform during the winter season. 

  • Check Water Pipes: During the snowy seasons, the pipes often freeze, leading to house damage. You have to check them beforehand and replace them with new ones to avoid any problems. 
  • Inspect for Dampness: At times, the hidden cracks in the home’s foundation can direct melted snow inside the house. Therefore, check the interior walls or ceilings that look damp and call in an expert to fix the problem. 
  • Ventilate the House: The air inside our house can start getting stale during winters, and ventilation is the best way to bring fresh air. 
  • Prepare for Storms: Unfortunately, a heavy winter storm can wreck your entire house if you are not prepared. So, install storm windows and doors. You can also cover the basement and attic to prevent damage from the storms. 
  • Keep Removing Snow: Letting your lawn pool up with snow and water can be dangerous for the home’s foundation. You have to grab a snowblower to keep the lawn clear during winters.

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The Sun is Shining Bright – Autumn Season

In many states, people consider fall to be the best season for home maintenance projects. The weather is generally dry, and the temperature is moderate, the ideal time to work outdoors. In addition, it is the best time to wind down your home for winter. Without further ado, we would jump to the home maintenance checklist for the autumn season

  • Assess Windows & Doors: Take a walk around the house and check all the windows and doors for drafts. If you encounter any holes or gaps, caulk the door and window frames to keep the cold air outside. 
  • Check Smoke Detectors: Thankfully, you might not have gotten the chance to use smoke detectors but keep checking them. You can replace the batteries every season to ensure they work whenever needed. 
  • Fix Exterior Plumbing: Homeowners must drain and winterize the exterior plumbing. You can also check the gutters to avoid clogging. 
  • Spruce Up the Garden: The perfect start to the season would be by getting the garden back in shape. In fall, you can plant perennials such as hydrangea or peonies. Besides this, you can even reseed the lawn but ensure you give plenty of water.
  • Clean the Chimney: If you haven’t used the chimney for a while, get it cleaned and inspected before you start using the fireplace. 

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, staying on top of your home maintenance tasks can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. You won’t have to spend money on extensive renovations, closing doors for unnecessary expenses. Instead of doing everything simultaneously, it is always better to take the seasonal approach. Determine the things that require a touch-up before the new season starts and get the home maintenance going. It will protect your home from damage while improving its lifespan. 

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