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Advantages of Frameless Glass Fences near Swimming Pools in Sydney NSW

It’s a dream to customize a swimming pool in your house! But there are a few concerns as well that you need to address. Recently, the Australian Safety Authorities have already shared statistics that suggest kids tend to get injured in swimming pools. Hence, as you install the swimming pool, you also need to have a precautionary move. One of the best solutions is to invest in frameless glass pool fencing that provides ample security.

Conventionally, the materials that are apt for swimming pool fencing are steel and wood. The frameless pool fencing today is becoming a common phenomenon. To know more on this, you can get in touch with the best service providers specializing in Sydney glass pool fencing. Also, the frameless glass pool fencing comes with several benefits. The important ones are discussed below:

It enhances the pool appearance

It enhances the pool appearance

Frameless glass pool fences improve the pool aesthetics immensely! It adds to the visual appeal and is considered secure because of the opacity. It can also blend seamlessly with your swimming pool surroundings. Hence, the pool doesn’t stand out looking odd after the installation. You might get ample praises from your dear friends and family.

Useful safety barriers

Similar to various fencing options, the frameless fencing materials are helpful even when they are in the pool or close to it. There’s no need for constant supervision. It is because there’s no chance of any trouble. So, you can stay completely relaxed and tension free.

There are no edges or gaps

There are no edges or gaps
When you use a frameless pool fence, you will find no edges or gaps in the fencing material. Hence, the chances of your child getting stuck or hurt in the fencing gap are minimal. Today, you have the opportunity to customize this fence. Therefore, get thinking about the size and shape of the fence. Furthermore, you can place an order and have it personalized later based on your requirement.

You have access to tough glass

The best service providers make use of custom-manufactured glass for frameless pool fence. Simply put, this is a very tough glass. It’s sturdy, thick and very durable. The thickness usually ranges between 8mm and 12mm. There’s also a 10mm glass thickness that most people opt-in for. It makes this glass more durable than others.

Also, it can add equal finesse to the overall swimming pool aesthetics.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance
Unlike popular opinion, frameless pool fence comes with easy maintenance. The metallic fencing is subject to rusting as time passes. Also, the wooden fences get fungus and will rot. And the fungus infestations in the wood fence might also affect the pool ambiance and result in health hazards as well. When it comes to frameless glass fencing, there are no such issues to tackle.

Simply put, glass is clean and is easy to maintain, as compared to the conventional fencing material. You need to worry about repainting the fence. It stays in good shape for a long time with the necessary cleaning and daily maintenance.

These are some of the essential advantages of frameless swimming pool glass fencing. Since you can customize one, know your pool requirements and customize a fence that is a good value for your money.

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