Adding Southern Charm to Your Home

The American South is full of rich cultural history, and its impact is lost in the world of interior design. Southern culture is steeped in traditions of entertaining, delicious comfort food, treasured family heirlooms, and the stories wrapped up in them.

All of these values are reflected in the interior design styles of the region, and the trends they have inspired. And no matter where you live, you can incorporate some of the magic of the American South into your own home, as well.

Bring the outside in

If there’s one thing Southerners know well, it’s that cultivating a friendly relationship with the outdoor environment is paramount to enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds. And this aesthetic applies to interior design, as well!

Whether you have a sprawling front porch that you can cover with greenery or a screened-in back deck that’s perfect for entertaining, capitalizing on these spaces creates an even more open and welcoming feeling in your home. Incorporate a trellis of sweet-smelling jasmine, or potted gardenias, adding an extra sensory element to your space.

Utilize natural materials

Making a point of utilizing natural materials in your design offers not only extra durability and sustainability but also comfort and a sense of peace. Cotton, silk, and wool materials in your bedding, upholstery, and rugs stave off the heat in summer and cultivate warmth in the winter.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent asset to highlight in your home, and Southern bedrooms especially benefit from their fresh and supportive presence. Natural pecan and oak floors preserve the history and tradition of the South, and there is a wide variety of stain colors available to help make the space your own. Flooring specialists like the ones who offer these Nashville flooring services are excellent resources to assist you in choosing the right style, color, and design for your space.

Make it welcoming

Make it welcoming
Bringing people together is a hallmark of Southern culture. Spending long afternoons enjoying cocktails on the porch, sunning in the lush backyard garden, or preparing a hearty and comforting family meal in the kitchen: all are opportunities to bring your loved ones into your home and care for them.

No matter your diet or meal aesthetics, this energy of care and warmth can be incorporated into any home. Create a welcoming space in your kitchen; ensure there’s enough workspace for multiple people to help. Invest in beautiful serving dishes and glasses. And prepare food with simplicity and sharing in mind.

Family, friends, food, and quality time – these are the values at the heart of Southern living. And it’s easy to incorporate this energy into your interior design. Take a deep breath, connect with your heart, and create a space that allows rest and reflection. Rooms full of fun and laughter, a feeling of closeness and bonding. A welcoming space that truly brings people together.

Your home can become a garden of precious memories, built with your loved ones. And cultivating an environment where everyone is safe and comfortable, will allow them to create lifelong traditions of their own.

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