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plants in a bathroom

Are you aware of one such trick in interior decoration that never fails no matter where you integrate it?

This is also the kind of décor that can instantly make any space feel cozy and welcoming. Yes, we are talking about plants. Houseplants have become a popular décor trend that is hard to miss. After all, given the many benefits of adding plants and the way it magically transforms any space, why would you miss this trend? Of all the places you might be adding your plants, the bathroom should be on priority.

Well, let us tell you why you should add plants to the bathroom, where to add them, what plants to add and how to take care of them.

Before we proceed, indoor plants are those that can survive in low light settings. Some need bright but indirect light.

Why should you add plants to the bathroom?

Why should you add plants to the bathroom

  • They look so pretty and can make even the dullest bathroom look so full of life.
  • Some plants thrive by acting as dehumidifiers, and these are the plants that can regulate moisture levels in the bathroom. As a result, you would be able to prevent the growth of mildew and mold in the bathroom.
  • They improve air quality in the bathroom. There might be several cleaning products that you use in the bathroom. Even if they are all-natural, plants help cleanse the air of harmful particles and make the air nicer to breathe.
  • Plants can make the place look teeming with energy. This can be a sight for the sore eyes when you hit the bathroom after a long and tiring day. In the crack of the dawn, this greenery can help awaken your spirits and prepare you for the day ahead.

Where can you add plants in a bathroom?

Where can you add plants in a bathroom

  • If you have awkward corners in your bathroom, using plants to fill them can be one of the most exciting ways to decorate such corners.
  • If you have a large window, the window sill is the easiest place to keep your plants.
  • Hanging plants from the ceiling is a good idea when you are short on floor space.
  • The other most popular space to add plants is the countertop near the washbasin.

What kind of plants are suitable for the bathroom?

Here are some of the most popular choices for bathroom plants. These are the ones that can survive in the kind of high humidity atmosphere that exists in bathrooms.
What kind of plants are suitable for the bathroom
1. Snake plant
The Sansevieria family includes snake plants of different foliage patterns and sizes. This is one of the plants that are hard to kill. This is the best plant for bathrooms that get very little light.
2. ZZ plant
The Zamioculcas zamifolia is one that you might spot on magazine covers of most of the home décor magazines. This posh looking plant, like the Snake plant, is low maintenance and can survive low light conditions like a pro.
3. Ferns
Ferns are moisture-loving plants. The bright green foliage makes them wonderful décor pieces for the bathroom.
4. Aloe Vera
Besides looking good, the plenty of medicinal and beauty-related benefits of this plant are factors we cannot ignore.
5. Orchids
These add more than just green to your bathroom when they bloom!
6. Spider plants
Spider plants are hardy and low maintenance. They love moisture and make beautiful bathroom plants.
7. Pothos
Propagate some cuttings in a small pot or simply add them in a bottle of water. It will reward you with a rich vine of vibrant greens for your bathroom.
8. Air plants
If nothing else works, if you do not like dirt in your bathroom, or say if you have an all-white bathroom, then air plants are easy to care for and love humidity.

How should you care for your bathroom plants?

How should you care for your bathroom plants
Most of the indoor plants need watering when the top layer of the soil gets dry. Plants like snake plant and ZZ plant need just occasional watering. The watering instructions and the sunlight requirements vary from one indoor plant to another. Giving the plants their ideal survival conditions would keep them growing happy and healthy.

Final thoughts

There is a common misconception that artificial plants are of low maintenance. You can indeed place them in the darkest corners. Indeed, you do not have to bother about watering them or fertilizing them.

But, are plastic plants worthy replacements? Plastic plants might mimic the looks of the real plants, but they do not serve the purpose. They do not cleanse the air. If you have a bathroom that gets no light at all, then using plastic plants might be one of the easiest options. Even for such conditions, there are grow lights that to fulfill the plants’ daily dose of lighting requirements. Therefore we recommend choosing a suitable low light indoor plant and support them with grow lights.

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