A Plus Appliance & AC Repair Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

When summer strikes, your air conditioner plays a vital role in making sure that your home is a comfortable place to live. However, your air conditioning system may malfunction or fail as time passes. Neglecting regular AC repair and maintenance compromises your health, safety, and comfort. That’s why experts highly advise annual maintenance and repair to prevent, determine current problems, and to avoid costly repairs every time.

In this post, you’ll learn the signs when your AC needs maintenance repair, so you can address the issue right away and seek an HVAC expert as needed.

Air Is Not Cold as Expected

If the air emitted by your AC isn’t as cold as it used to be, it could be due to low or leaking refrigerant, duct leakage, and condenser issues. This means that your system is trying to work hard to keep the temperature comfortable. But no matter how hard your system works, if there’s a problem with it, don’t expect the same cold air as before.
Air Is Not Cold as Expected

The fan of your AC is responsible for the cool air you love via the ductwork. A dirty air filter, a faulty fan board control, or a bad blower motor could cause poor air flow.

If any of these situations happen, your AC won’t blow cold air as expected, so it’s best to seek professional help from an AC repair Fort Lauderdale company if you live here or one in your local area.

Clogged or Blocked Vents

The possible causes of blocked or clogged air vents include:

  • Ice on refrigerant lines
  • A damaged compressor
  • Water leaking from the AC
  • Blower motor problems
  • Rugs, furniture, or other items blocking the return vents.

Also, make sure that you’re not purposely closing the supply vents. Doing so won’t save money on your energy bills.

Here are some tips and tricks to remove any blockages on your air vents:

  • Check and remove leaves or branches in the condenser coils that may cause serious AC problems.
  • Keep an eye out for fences or foliage within two feet from your condenser and move surrounding objects at least two to three feet from the outdoor unit.
  • If you don’t have a clue what’s blocking or clogging the vent, call a repair HVAC technician immediately.

Water Accumulation or Moisture in Strange Places

It’s important to maintain a dry system because it’s how it was designed in the first place. Moisture can result in the formation of harmful mold and mildew. If you observe any signs of a leak, water accumulation, or moisture in your AC, your system might be suffering from a broken or blocked condensate drain. That’s why you need to seek help from a professional, like A Plus Appliance.

Strange Noise

Air conditioners are designed to run virtually silent. Your AC should have a low-volume sound or normal operation sound since this will encourage comfort and relaxation.

If you hear loud noises, such as banging, grinding, or screeching noises, it means that there’s something wrong with the unit. The result could be loose belts, broken components, or debris. Contact an HVAC maintenance specialist right away if you hear strange sounds on your AC.

Strange Odors

Mold buildup inside your AC may cause funky smells. Also, insect or pest infiltration may cause strange odors. A smell like a burned-out wire could be due to electrical issues.

Make sure to turn off your air conditioning unit immediately if you smell a strange odor coming off your AC because it could be an indicative sign of major AC issue and electrical problems.

Contact a trusted and reputable repairer right away to check your unit.

Thermostat Problems

Sometimes your AC system isn’t the problem. It’s your thermostat. Check for obvious signs, like a setting of 75 degrees and a home temperature by 10 degrees off.
Thermostat Problems
An HVAC technician can also help rule out this problem.

Spiking Electricity Bills

One of the largest sources of rising energy consumption is your air conditioner. If your electricity bill suddenly increased this year, it’s a good indication that your system is not efficiently working. Don’t ever neglect performing residential air conditioning maintenance because minor issues can cause major AC problems in the future, like spiking electricity bills and costly repairs.

A simple filter replacement can help your AC become more efficient to save energy, and it won’t take you more than five minutes to do. You can replace your air filter every three months unless otherwise indicated by your HVAC professional. You might need to change your air filter quite more often if there are children and pets around.

Here are the most common problems associated with neglected homeowner air conditioning maintenance:

  • Short cycling
  • Freezing up
  • Strange odors
  • Uneven cooling

Dirt Outside the Unit

AC problems can be caused by dirt. Go outside and inspect your AC condenser of any signs of dirt. Use a water hose to remove dirt. Make sure to use a gentle setting or pressure when cleaning your air conditioner. If you see a thick layer of dirt on the condenser, call a professional right away for deep cleaning.
Dirt Outside the Unit

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Inspect your AC circuit breakers. Go to your main electrical panel and inspect for circuit breakers that are not in the ‘ON’ position. A tripped circuit breaker won’t turn on your AC. Push the circuit breaker to the ‘ON’ position and try to rerun your air conditioner.

However, if the circuit breaker trips after running the AC, never attempt to flip it again. Call a professional because this is a sign of a major electrical problem.


Regardless if it’s old or new, routine preventive maintenance is crucial for any HVAC unit. Be observant and watch out for these signs to avoid costly repairs.

By addressing minor AC problems, you’ll also extend the lifespan of your AC. While you can do simple troubleshooting to repair your AC, seeking help from a professional is advisable for your safety, most especially if you’re unsure what to do or you don’t have any background repairing appliances.

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