A Helpful Guide to Single Serve Coffee Makers: How to Choose One

Do you absolutely love coffee and need to have your fix every morning?

Then it’s time for you to invest in a quality coffee maker, which can save you a ton of effort and money in getting the usual drink you get in cafes.

And if you’re the only one drinking coffee in the household or live alone, then a single serve coffee maker is the right one for you.

But with a lot of single serve coffee makers out there, it sure can get frustrating finding the suitable one for the kitchen! So if you’re wondering how to purchase one, read on as I will show you how to choose one from all the single serve coffee makers.

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There are various factors to consider when getting a single serve coffee maker. Here are the helpful ones to look into, from its type to design!

1.What Type of Coffee Maker Do You Want?


First of all, you need to think about the type of coffee maker you want. There are several available out there, depending on your needs and wants as a coffee lover.

  • Automatic drip machines are convenient and quick, the usual coffee makers we see today
  • Grind and brew coffee makers are great choices, as it would grind your coffee beans itself and brew. It would take a bit longer to brew, though
  • Pod coffee makers have the pre-flavored or already prepared coffee, so it’s quick and filled with flavor. However, you’re not getting the “real” coffee experience from ground coffee beans

If you want to take your time and focus more on coffee’s value and flavor, go for grind and brew. But if you want something convenient and already pre-flavored for your convenience, go for pods.

Drip machines are in the middle of both, though also provide good flavors when brewed just right.

2.Size and Counter Space

Next off, consider the size of your coffee machine and its water reservoir. How much coffee do you have in a day? Do you want a huge batch made as a coffee addict, or are you fine with just one cup?

If you’re a large household, go for ones with bigger water reservoirs. If you’re the only one who wants coffee, a smaller coffee maker with a smaller water reservoir (or no water storage at all) can work, which is less expensive.

Look into how much space you can allow for your coffee maker as well, ensuring that it’s not too heavy or big to take up too much counter area.

3. The Coffee Maker’s Functionality


Look into how the coffee maker works, ensuring that it only produces quality coffee with great flavors and is strong enough to last for multiple brews in the long run.

I recommend that you get a coffee maker that isn’t only strong but can also provide various customization features for the household. I really like coffee makers which also have the option to make more drinks other than coffee, such as tea and hot chocolate!

It should also have the excellent safety and heat features, which allow your coffee to stay warm and taste just as it did when you first brewed it.

4. How Much Is Your Budget?

Remember, you get what you pay for when investing in a coffee maker. So those that are stronger and packed with more useful features are more expensive than the basic types.

An adequate coffee maker with necessary customization and safety features can cost around $100 or less.

Take this into account when searching for a good coffee maker, having a reasonable budget before you go looking into the other features.

Pro-tip: Pod coffee machines are the least cost-effective as you need to purchase special pods!

5. Extra Features Available


Besides the necessary features in mind, look into other additional options and features you may want in a coffee maker.

Some have auto-programming options which allow you to brew batches at certain times, while others have auto-off features and water filtration systems for safety.

However, such additional features come at higher prices, so consider if you really need these before getting a coffee maker.

Final Conclusion

Single serve coffee makers are perfect for any singles in the household, providing good coffee on time without the hefty price tag. With the right type of single serve coffee makers, you can take advantage of its features and enjoy your cup every morning.

It may take time and research, but it’ll be worth it, as you’ll have a nice coffee for years to come!

Hopefully, this guide to single serve coffee makers helped you find the right one for you. So don’t wait any longer and look into these tips to invest correctly now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on selecting a single serve coffee maker, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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