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A Guide to Improving Creativity in Your Home Office

Your home office should serve as more than a space to tick tasks off your list. It should encourage out-of-the-box ideas, support your focus, and allow you to harness your creativity.

If you want to brainstorm your best ideas, increase your productivity, or become more inventive or expressive at work, you should make various alterations to your environment. Read this guide to improving creativity in your home office.

Introduce Storage Solutions

Good organisation will free up space, which will improve mental clarity and help you think up unique ideas or approaches at work. Even if your home office is on the small side, you can introduce storage solutions to house textbooks, files and paperwork, such as wall shelving, see-through caddies or cubby holes.

Bring in Some Greenery

Indoor plants can get your creative juices flowing, as various studies have found they can reduce a person’s stress levels, increase productivity, purify the air and boost creativity. Plus, the plants will add a burst of colour and texture to your interior, which will create a more inviting interior that makes you feel excited to get to work. 

If you’re unsure about the best indoor plant options for your office and how to ensure they remain healthy and happy, check out this plant care guide. Learning about the sunlight, soil, humidity and watering requirements will allow you to maintain a beautiful plant in your workspace.

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Improve Your Ergonomics

Uncomfortable seating will slow down productivity and hinder creativity in a home office. If you want ideas to flow, you’ll need to buy an ergonomic chair and improve your desk set-up. It is recommended a computer screen is placed 75 centimetres away from a user’s face, and it must be eye level.

Also, your hands should be angled in a slight downwards position when typing, and you must place your feet flat on the flooring. If you can’t put your feet flat on the floor, lower your chair or treat yourself to a footrest. You’ll be surprised by the difference it will make to your mood, focus and creativity.

Decorate an Office in Joyful Colours

Bright white walls or muted tones will appear dull and boring, which may drain you of all positivity and creativity. Instead, decorate your office in shades that will fill you with joy, such as your favourite colour. 

Alternatively, you can introduce colours scientifically proven to affect your mood. There is a psychology behind colour, as certain shades can affect your mindset, behaviour and feelings in various ways. For example, orange can increase your energy levels, which could help you think up new, exciting ideas, while blue can create a sense of calm and serenity, which can lower your stress levels and improve focus on a task or project.

If you’re unsure about the best colour options for your mood, incorporate pops of different shades in your office wallpaper, artwork, storage, accents and more.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Office

Sitting in a dull, dark room will drain you of all energy and positivity when working on an important project, tackling your to-do list, and thinking up new ideas or processes. Feel more inventive and focused in your home office by improving its lighting.

Try to welcome as much natural light into the room as possible, and position your desk closer to a window. It will make you feel closer to nature while you work, support good focus and lift your mood. 

If natural light is an issue, add cool or white artificial lighting, as these tones are the closest to sunlight and can provide many of its benefits. If you have dark corners, add different lighting options into your office, such as additional lamps, a table lamp or wall lights.

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Transform the Office Scent

One of the biggest benefits of a home office is the ability to personalise it to match your exact taste, which is good for creativity alone. Create a more inviting space by buying scented candles, diffusers or essential oils you love, which will boost your mood and make you feel excited to get to work.

The attractive smell could lower your stress levels and support good focus. As a result, you could develop more innovative ideas for growing a business, marketing a company, or improving internal processes.

Consider the benefits of different scents to buy products that can alter your mood. For example, lavender is a relaxing scent that will decrease stress levels during working hours. However, if you want to feel more energetic and alert to perform at your best, opt for citrus or pine scents.

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