A Bath or a Shower?

One of the most popular questions when doing a bathroom renovation is choosing between these two. Because today there are so many different styles and designs, it is really hard to pick one way. Usually people tend to make their decision based totally on the amount of space in the bathroom. It is not a very smart choice, and we are going to explain what is. In the meantime, enjoy our bathroom layouts planner and see how your bathroom will look after it is finished!

So, choosing between a bath and a shower should be a complex decision. In order to pick right you should take into consideration:

  •  your habits;
  • your comfort;
  • the space;
  • bathroom design;
  • your budget;
  • market offer;
  • and much more.

The main idea is that you do not base your choice only on one priority. However, it is correct that one thinks of the most important thing first, and then everything else. Think about how you are used to taking your water procedures. Is it usually a quick and active or a long and relaxing process? Are you in a hurry? The answers will bring you closer to the best solution.

While we are on it, of course, pay attention to your interior when choosing either a bath or a shower. It is literally one of the most important parameters. In order to help you, we leave the link  https://roomtodo.com/en/4709/bathroom_planner/, just in case. Here you could see the options for your bathroom and try them in a creative way.

Lack of free space, of course, would bring us to a shower. And modern variants with massage water streams can not only clean your body of the pollution, but also keep it healthy and relaxed. By the way, similar options are also available in the bath sector. Remember jacuzzi?


What about design?

The best is if you prefer simple and minimalistic styles. If you are into natural and modern design, the best way would be a sophisticated bath of one simple basic color, which would not attract too much attention to itself, but would be a completion to the general mood. However, for classical styles do not hesitate to use decorative stands, golden or silver details and unusual forms. As for the shower, go either with a simple see-through wall or play this game all the way – with black straps and led lighting. The most important thing is that you choose the option you are used to and that is suitable to other interior elements. So, pick wisely, try everything in the planner by Roomtodo and enjoy fantastic results!

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