8 Tips for Decorating Your Senior Loved One’s Bedroom

So, you’ve decided to surprise your parent with a decorated room, and you’re wondering how to go about it. Here are some tips to help you out in turning your mom or dad’s room into a space that is both senior-friendly and inviting.

Finding the Right Linen

It may be wise to choose a color that matches the shade of the disposable bed pads your loved one likes, so that the pads won’t clash with the style of the room.

Choosing Colors

Choosing Colors

Vision problems are common among seniors; for example, seniors often have difficulty telling the difference between pastel shades. Therefore, try to use pleasant colors that are also rich and saturated. You can also alternate between light and dark hues in order to aid in perception.

Choosing Lighting

Dimmable lighting is always a great option, since seniors can adjust it to the ideal brightness. To prevent nighttime falls, it is a good idea to install motion active lights that will automatically turn on when the person needs it to.

Install Lever-Style Door Knobs

Lever-style door knobs are easier for seniors to open that round ones, which require a twisting motion to open. If you’re going all out, this is another way in which you can make your loved one’s room more senior friendly.

Install Flooring

Install Flooring
Carpet is very soft, and is the safest option if your loved one has limited mobility and is prone to falls. Carpet is also more comfortable to walk on. However, carpet is not the best option if your loved one is in a wheelchair. If your loved one currently does not utilize a wheelchair but you assume he may need one in the future, the best idea may be to install hard flooring and place a comfortable rug on top of it.

Put a Nice Chair Near the Closet

Getting a nice, wide chair to keep in the closet area can be helpful. They can sit on it while they dress.

Switch the Room

If the senior’s room currently necessitates climbing a flight or two of stairs to reach it, if possible, you may want to switch the senior to a room on the main floor of the house, and redecorate that room instead.

Keep Away from Glass and Sharp Cornered Things

Keep Away from Glass and Sharp Cornered Things
Glass is a big no-no for any senior’s bedroom. It may look nice, but it’s not worth the risk. The same goes for sharp cornered furniture or decorative objects. These can be hazardous for elderly individuals.

Make it Picture Perfect

Seniors love to see pictures of their loved ones. Print out large, clear pictures of your family and your siblings’ families, and decorate the room with them. You can string some on a picture clothesline across the ceiling or wall, frame some and hang them on the wall or prop them on a dresser, or you can even just tape them to the wall.

These tips will surely help you in designing a room that is not only beautiful and homey, but, best of all, senior friendly! Follow these tips to create a happy, safe space for the senior in your life.

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