8 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Room Germ-Free



Kids sure do love to play around a lot and that means their rooms will always be a mess. This can be a breeding ground for harmful germs. In order to prevent this, here are 8 cleaning tips to keep your kid’s room germ-free.

Kids naturally make a mess whenever they play. As a parent, you should always make sure that their rooms are germ-free. Some germs can become life-threatening and your kids still have to develop a strong immune system to combat most germs.

It’s your job as a parent to keep the home clean and teach your kids the importance of cleaning. You can look at some useful information related to cleaning at Cleaner Wiki. Cleaning can look tiresome however, with these tips, your cleaning time will be much efficient and thorough.

Wash Their Toys

Stuffed toys and dolls are one of the most held items by kids. They also easily catch germs. You don’t know where your kids exposed their stuffed toys and dolls so you should always assume they’re carrying germs. Make a habit of cleaning them regularly.

Other toys like legos, figurines, and plastic ones can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Put them inside a mesh bag or a dishwasher-safe plastic bag and use the gentle cycle option to clean them.

Clean the Bed Area


The bed area should also be your focal point for a healthy home. This is where your kids sleep so if they’re not germ-free they are exposed to germs and bacteria while at their vulnerable state.

You should deep-clean the bed area. Clean the bedding, headboard, nightstand, and mattress cover. Mattress covers are great for easy cleaning. Kids can put a lot of dirty stuff on their bed so be thorough with it.

Wash their Trash Cans

Your kid’s room should always have a trash can. Get one that has a lid so your kids won’t get curious and dig their hands in the trash can. The trash can also needs to have a bag inside.

Trash cans can teach your kids the discipline of throwing away their trash properly. Your kids will make a habit out of it and will be part of them when they grow up.

Wash their trash cans regularly. Once a week should be enough. Make sure to take out and change the bag when full to keep the room germ-free.

Make Sure Everything is Safe

There may be items in your kid’s room that are hazardous. For example, faulty wiring or exposed electric socket that your kids might poke into.

Make sure you sweep through the room like how a kid would and watch for dangerous objects. About 2,000 kids die as a result of a home injury according to Stanford Children’s Health.

Use Washable Alternatives

Washing fabric can be time-consuming and when your kids make a mess out of them almost every day, it will freak you out. Try out some alternatives that make it easier for you to clean up.

For example, instead of fabric cloth for cube shelving, a plastic bin can be a better alternative. It can be cleaned easily with a simple wipe.

Include Play in Cleaning


Who said cleaning can’t be fun? Your kids can enjoy cleaning by incorporating play into it. For example, when cleaning toys, have your kids take a bath and have their toys with them inside the bathtub.

They’re cleaning themselves and their toys at the same time. It also means you have more time and space for cleaning their rooms.

Consider Refreshing the Paint

Consider an eco-friendly paint that has low fumes and is washable. They’re excellent for your children and not harmful. It also makes cleaning up crayon scribbles on the wall much easier.

Kids will oftentimes scribble on the walls and removing them is tiresome as they’ll write on it again. Having a wall with paint that can clean this up easily will help you a lot.

Use Clorox Wipes


Clorox wipes are extremely useful for quick cleaning. Kids can pick up all sorts of dirt and germs when they play around especially at school.

Use Clorox wipes on doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, fan pulls, and other places where your kid’s hand frequently touches.


Cleaning up your kid’s room to keep it germ-free is easy if you follow these tips. Germs and bacteria can pop up out of nowhere so you should be consistent when it comes to cleaning. Follow these tips on a regular basis.

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