7 Ways to Make Your Home More Instagram-Worthy

We already know that Instagram is changing restaurant design, but how is it changing home design? Well, it’s doing so more than you think. And whether you’re a beauty guru or just a selfie-holic, you’ve probably thought about how to make your backdrop a little more Instagram-friendly.

There are a number of elements you’ll want to consider if you’re feeling your way to Instagram fame – or if you just want a more photogenic space.

Lighting is everything

Lighting is everything

The most important feature of an Instagram-worthy space is natural lighting. To date, there is no artificial lighting that is nearly as flattering as natural lighting. Natural lighting also has natural variation, allowing the daylight hues in your photos to constantly change and provide some variety.

Still, even in spaces with plenty of natural light, artificial light is needed – just as much for extra lighting as for decoration. Interesting light fixtures will also emphasize this effect.

Edison bulbs are an awesome new trend that really pop in any backdrop. Their warm glow and intriguing bulbs look beautiful in most fixtures. Similarly, string lights are another look you can’t go wrong with. String lights and fairy lights are an effortless way of bringing comfort and style to a space that needs it.

Carefully curated shelving

Carefully curated shelving
Drop in on some of your favorite Instagram accounts and you’ll notice most of them have a signature bookshelf – one that features all their favorite novelties and probably tells a little bit about the person themselves.

Make no mistake, however, these bookshelves don’t come together naturally, they require work. A photogenic bookshelf features variety – and not just a variety of books. Throw up some small statuettes or accent pieces to separate sections of books and tell a little bit about yourself.

Wall shelves are definitely a modern and minimalistic way to approach this. Sprinkle old CDs, candles, and other trinkets among the books on your shelf.

Let your walls make a statement

Let your walls make a statement
Walls can speak volumes, if you let them. The obvious solution to this is filling them with artwork. Bare walls are not appealing on Instagram, even when the main focus is your face. Backdrops are essential to setting moods and color themes.

In addition to artwork, accent walls are a great solution. By painting, wallpapering, or just paneling one wall differently from the rest, you’ll be able to create variety in your photos. It also saves some decorative work, and probably a little bit of cash.

Pop in some color

Pop in some color
Monochromatic spaces are so 2005. Sure, it’s modern, but the trends now veer more toward vividness. Even if you have a lot of white or wood tones in your room, take any opportunity you can to pop in some color.

In the bedroom, this might mean investing in some expressive and fun throw pillows for your bed. In the living room, maybe a bright armchair or table lamp. Particularly if you want the eye to be drawn to something in a photo, adding color on or near it is a fantastic way of doing so.

Wall tapestries are another way of incorporating some color, given you’re shooting for a boho-chic look. However, plants are perhaps the easiest way to implement this. They freshen the air in your space, brighten it up, and soften darker-toned rooms.

Create a plush & airy vibe

Create a plush & airy vibe
Contemporary with a touch of cozy. That’s the current interior design trend. While dramatic pieces and sharp edges are fine, they should always be complemented by accents that are more toned down. Posh throws, excessive pillows, shaggy rugs, and white with rose gold touches are all ways to achieve this look.

This aesthetic is Instagram appealing because of the miracles white-balance does for it in photos. All these little accents pop out amongst white walls or dark wood furnishings. They also add an element of texture, taking a photo from flat to fabulous in no time.

Plush, furry, shaggy touches give photos a sensory quality they otherwise lack.

Stage for your page

Stage for your page
It’s important to give your home a “lived-in” look. People come to Instagram for a peek into the lives of normal people. If they wanted a sterile backdrop, they would tune into their local daytime talk show. Naturally, this might require a little bit of staging.

Drape (don’t fold) a throw over an armchair, leave a book open atop an ottoman, or strew some eye-catching notebooks across your desk to give your home a sense of purpose and personality. Not only do these give your home a more natural appearance, but they serve as decorative additions.

Real estate agents have been staging homes for years, with staged homes garnering up to a five percent increase in the dollar value offered by buyers. Your Instagram page could see the same growth if you’ve got your staging just right.

Opt for expressive décor

Opt for expressive décor
As tempting as it may be to do all your shopping at Pier 1, it’s also not very creative. Décor from large, chain department stores eventually all begins to look the same – meaning your Instagram page likely won’t look different from everyone else’s.

While it’s okay to buy the bulk of your furniture from these places, try to integrate a few pieces from antique stores, flea markets, and smaller boutique shops. Opt for unique pieces with a story – or even pieces you’ve made yourself.

Make sure to include at least one or two novelty pieces in your backdrop that will stand out amongst the others. If you want to make this a DIY project, you can do so in many ways. You can knit your own throw blanket/pillow cover. Or, you can take an old table, re-paint it, and swap out the legs for a fun and fancy table base.

While Home & Garden Magazine used to be our go-to for interior design inspo, times are changing. Your Instagrammable space could be the next muse for someone’s complete redesign, so put some thought into it, and consider what makes a space photo-friendly.

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