5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space


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Whether you love to throw large outdoor soirees or just relish the idea of summer family barbecues, you’re probably wondering how to spruce up your backyard or terrace. It turns out, making your backyard a great space for entertaining is less about its features and more about the atmosphere you create.

A pool may be an appealing aspect, but it’s nothing compared to a comfy area where you can lounge and enjoy those warm summer evenings. With a little savvy and a lot of commitment, you can make your backyard the talk of the town. Here are five ways to make it the perfect party space.

Buy a Dining Set

Buy a Dining Set
When we think of our favorite things to do outside, many things come to mind. Swimming, playing, stargazing. None of these can hold a candle to eating, however. We live to eat, even outside. That’s why we have grills, picnics, and so on.

Chances are, if you like to entertain in your backyard, food is a big part of that. An attractive outdoor dining set will complement that perfectly. Don’t invest in a regular plastic set, get one made out of bamboo, wood, or wicker.

A small bistro table is perfect for decks or smaller yards. Meanwhile, a 3-piece picnic table set might be more apropos for those who have a larger space.

Metal dining sets are more expensive, but far more durable. They’re also easier to clean and less susceptible to weather damage. No matter which dining set you choose, it’ll serve as a central gathering spot.

Get a Firepit

Get a Firepit
A fire pit is always a cozy and welcome addition. It opens up a world of opportunities for your gatherings – whether that be gathering around to tell stories and sing campfire songs or roasting marshmallows. You can purchase a propane firepit from most furniture retailers, or make one yourself.

Making a firepit is fairly easy. You’ll just want to purchase some pavers from your local home improvement store. These are large paving stones made from clay, stone, brick, or concrete that typically run less than $2 apiece. You’ll use these to create the actual pit by layering them in a circle. You’ll also want to have a few along the base and fill in the cracks between them with paver sand.

From there, you can throw in some gravel and wood to light with a lighter. Easy peasy! This is labor-intensive, but certainly a money saver. If you’re looking for a more upscale fire pit, you can invest in a fire pit table and buy some fire glass shards to put in at the base for a more eye-catching aesthetic.

Add a Covered Terrace

Add a Covered Terrace
Verandas, canopies, and pergolas are truly elegant additions to any outdoor space.

Not only do they protect furniture from harsh weather, but they allow you to designate a space as the central gathering area. If you place one above a dining table, it will direct guests toward this area.

Adding some drapery or sheer curtains to a stand-alone pergola really makes for a decorative touch. It’s also a beautiful way to create a makeshift altar for a backyard wedding party.

If you have a little more to spend toward home renovation, a gazebo brings an air of sophistication to any backyard. These larger structures can house a lounge area, along with a small outdoor bar. Furthermore, you can pair one with a small pond to transform your backyard into a Zen garden.

Invest in Comfy Furniture

Invest in Comfy Furniture
Outdoor furniture retailers are riddled with wicker, plastic, and aluminum. While these are reasonable, weatherproof outdoor materials, they’re neither comfortable nor attractive. Accessorizing your outdoor furniture will be up to you.

Throw some comfortable cushions and colorful throw pillows onto outdoor furniture to bring the outdoors in a little. The more it can resemble the comfort of your living room sofa, the better. Just make sure to cover the furniture with a tarp so the cushions don’t retain water and mist damage.

A large ottoman coffee table is also an excellent touch. Dining sets are great, but you’re not always sitting down to a full meal in your backyard. A relaxed lounge space is better for casual gatherings, whether you’re sipping cocktails or espresso.

Get creative with your outdoor furniture, as well. Hanging egg chairs are comfortable yet fun, while a round outdoor daybed with a canopy exudes leisure and invites guests to sit by the pool. If you do like to host large parties in your yard, modular outdoor furniture is abundant and ideal for rearranging your space based on the occasion.

Install a Kitchen and Bar

Install a Kitchen and Bar
Last, but most certainly not least, an outdoor kitchen will tie your whole yard together. It serves as a food prep station and a gathering area. Implement some counter seating, a grill, a TV set, and it’s the perfect space for game days and summer barbecues. Look here for the best outdoor TVs, you can installed them in the outdoor kitchen.

You can throw in a wet bar, beverage cooler, and even a pizza oven to really impress your guests. Outdoor kitchens are lovely additions to even small yards. With some appealing cabinetry, a top-notch grill, and a theme to top it all off (be it nautical, modern, or vintage), a compact outdoor kitchen will still draw people.

Don’t just incorporate the aforementioned features for the sake of usability, however.

A comfortable outdoor space is more important than one with maxed-out amenities. If you pour your heart and soul into its design, your guests are sure to enjoy it, even if it’s small and simple.

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