7 Things You Shall Know Before Buying a New Mattress

A mattress is so much more than simply something you sleep on. A good mattress can bring you immense comfort and satisfaction, creating a desire to simply unwind after a long, hectic day and get into your comfortable bed. Those of us who have had experiences of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress know exactly how disorienting it can be. Not only do you wake up with disturbed sleep, but invariably, also end up with shoulder, back and neck pains. The importance of having a good mattress for your needs is incomparable.

This is why, when you think of purchasing a new mattress for your home, there are a few simple things that you should keep in mind.

1.Go for a test drive

Research well

No matter how silly or obnoxious you think you might look, this is the only sure shot way to find out whether a certain mattress will be good for you or not. Just like you would take your new car out for a test drive, you need to do the same with your new mattress. Get comfortable and lie down on your mattress for 10 to 15 minutes. If you plan on sharing your bed with someone, make sure that both of you lie down on the mattress for a while before deciding to purchase it. It is only after the test drive of your new mattress that you would be completely sure of how it feels under you, and whether it would be the best option for you to purchase or not.

The exception to this advice would be if you’re looking for a weird mattress size or shape that you can’t find in stores. An example of this would be the Alaskan King and Wyoming King beds that have been trending lately. Those mattresses are huge and you’re going to have to buy them online.

2.Don’t go by labels

Don’t go by labels
It is quite obvious that any mattress company would opt for the most attention-grabbing, crowd-pleasing marketing techniques to sell their mattresses. However, when it comes to purchasing something as personal as a mattress, it is best not to get swayed by marketing gimmicks and to actually form your own opinions. The thickness, the firmness and the softness of a mattress are what makes it so great, and different companies have different standards for measuring these. Instead of simply following the labels, it is best to personally try them out before choosing one.

3.Find out what kind you need

There are several types of mattresses in the market; from memory foams, hybrids and inner springs. Every individual has their own specific need when it comes to picking a mattress. Find out what kind of mattress you would need and which would suit you best. A memory foam might be great for someone else but might not suit you as well. Consult a professional salesman for more information and make an informed decision.

4.Pre-decide your budget

Pre-decide your budget
Before you enter a mattress store, it is best to have a budget set in mind. This is simply because a mattress comes in different types and different price ranges. If you enter a shop without a budget in mind, you might just end up walking out with the most expensive mattress in the store! Pre-set a budget for your mattress needs and stick to the budget when purchasing your new mattress.

5.Check the warranty

Just as you would with any other product, you need to check the warranty before you purchase your new mattress. Typically, you should be getting a 10-year warranty on your mattress, however, it is a good idea to discuss this with your retailer before purchasing your new mattress. This will simply ensure that you do not need to unnecessarily pay extra money when it comes to taking care of small repairs of your mattress. It is also important that you make yourself fully aware of the terms and conditions of your warranty. Typically, any kind of stains on your mattress will end up making your warranty void.

6.Research well

in the mattress shop
When it comes to buying a mattress, you should think of it as an investment rather than a small purchase. A good mattress will last you for years on end, giving you comfort and good sleep. On the other hand, a bad mattress can prove to be hellish for an individual. When it comes to proper research for a new mattress, don’t skimp out. Visit a couple of good, reputed mattress stores and talk to the salesmen about the different kinds of mattresses and how they would benefit you. Find out about the various price ranges. Once this is done, you should turn your research into an online medium. Check reviews of other users; read about the different kinds of mattresses you can buy and get a fair idea of the price range. This way, you will be completely equipped with the right information before you go out to purchase your new mattress.

7.Look for good brands

Look for good brands
There is a reason why people tend to gravitate toward branded products. These products are made of better quality materials and typically offer more support as well as after sales care. They are also long lasting products. When it comes to your mattress, opt for a good, reputed brand as opposed to opting for non-branded mattresses. This is one of the wisest decisions you can make when it comes to buying a good mattress for yourself.

Buying a new mattress does not need to be an overwhelming process. Following these 7 simple tips should be enough to be able to make a good choice. When it comes to buying a good mattress, it is best to make a considered, informed decision as opposed to simply making an impulsive decision and buying a bad mattress!

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