7 Things to Know Before Gutting a Bathroom for a Major Remodel

Have you been dreaming of a completely remodeled bathroom? You might have to do some demolition before you can start. Here are 7 tips for gutting a bathroom.

The average amount of money Australians spend on a small bathroom renovation is $5,000 to $15,000.

Before spending such a substantial amount of cash on a remodel, it’s imperative to have clarity on what the project entails. This will help you plan better and be prepared for any eventualities that might occur.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before embarking on gutting a bathroom.

1.Your Budget

Your Budget

Your budget will inform a lot of decisions in this project. For starters, it will tell you how much you are able to do at one time. Aside from this, your budget tells you the kind of appliances and fittings you can buy.

As a rule of thumb, work out an estimate, then go over budget by 20%.

Renovations tend to go over budget. Prices of the items you need might go up or you might find unanticipated structural issues that need fixing.

In addition to this, the remodel might also fall behind schedule, increasing your contactors labor fees for the extra days.

Remember to include contractor’s fees in your budget as well.

2.Which Contractor to Use

If you are not particularly handy, your best bet is to get a contractor for the job as opposed to attempting a DIY.

When picking a contractor, go with someone who has done bathroom remodels before. Seek out someone that seems to understand what your vision is as well as one with the necessary licensure.

You also want to ensure they are insured, should anything happen on the job.

3.The Extent of Your Project

The Extent of Your Project
Are you going for a full or a partial gutting?

This should be informed by the specific things you want to change and the reasons behind your remodel.

For example, you might have termites, and the structure of your bathroom might be compromised. In such a case, then you might have to do a full gutting.

Another consideration is to have in mind the primary purpose of the remodel. Are you leaning more towards improving its aesthetics or is your focus on functionality alone?

If it’s a little bit of both, then, which has the edge over the other?

Figuring this out from the get-go will make it much easier for you to make important decisions as the remodeling progresses.

This will give you direction in allocating and redirecting funds as the need arises.
However, if your pain points are limited, then you can focus on these areas alone, more so if your budget is limited.

4.There Might Be Some Surprises

Once you get started, the direction of the remodeling can take a different course. This can mean discovering other damage and plumbing issues once you begin gutting your bathroom.

This is no cause to panic, as it’s better to find out these issues and fix them before they snowball into more significant problems.

If this is the case, call in a company with reputable plumbing services.

Even without apparent damage, it is still advisable to have a professional look at the condition of your plumbing. This is especially important for older houses.

5.Your Utilities Will Be Off

Your electricity and water supply should be off by the time you begin gutting the bathroom.

This means you need an alternative source of lighting in case the room does not receive enough natural light for contractors to work in.

It is also important to find out how long the remodeling will take. This allows you to make alternate arrangements for you and your family for the duration of the remodeling.

If your piping system is such that you cannot shut water in the bathroom alone, you need to make contingency plans for this as well.

6.Establish Your Final Design

Establish Your Final Design
Remodeling is one of the projects you have to work from the end. This means having a clear idea of what you want the end product to be then working backwards to achieve it.
Think about the color scheme and the new fixtures you want to install as well as any fixtures whose location you want to change.

Also, consider if you want to have plants and how they will fit around the final design of the bathroom.

7.You Might Have to Deviate From Your Plan

Few remodels go exactly as planned. From the budget to the outcome, remodels are quite an adventure.

Some of the things you want to move around might require extensive reworking of their supporting apparatus, piping and so on. This makes them much more expensive to do.

The number of surprises you find might also eat a chunk of your budget. This might mean either increasing your budget or doing away with some of the things you want to be done.

Still, with some flexibility and compromises here and there, you can still end up with a bathroom you love.

Gutting a Bathroom and Remodeling It on a Budget

We all love a great bargain and remodeling is no exception. How can you get a bathroom you want on a tight budget?

Here are some quick tips.

  • Shop in stores that sell high-quality second-hand fixtures and fittings
  • Before the gutting, identify items you would like to keep, so they are preserved
  • Tiling is expensive, pick areas to do half-wall tiling
  • Identify DIY tasks and tackle them before bringing in the pro’s
  • Shop for paint in the clearance aisle
  • If you’re stuck on an artistic but expensive tile, use it as a decorative item along with more affordable tiling options.

With a limited budget and a lot of creativity, you can still get the kind of bathroom you want.

Tear It Up!

When you have a clear plan in mind, gutting a bathroom becomes the step right before unveiling the bathroom of your dreams.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you are well on your way there.
With your brand new bathroom in place, we bet you will want to keep it looking and feeling sparkling clean. Check out our blog for a complete guide.

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