7 Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom is the ultimate respite. It is your place of serenity after a busy day and should have a tranquil atmosphere that promotes restful sleep. If you feel like your bedroom looks bland and lifeless and not a plush boudoir, it is time to revamp it. Fortunately for you, I have seven easy trendy tips to give your bedroom that well-deserved facelift.

Get a Rug

Nothing ruins a great morning than stepping onto a cold hard floor. Save yourself the agony by getting a cushy bedside rug. Other than the comfort you will get from the rug, it also goes a long way to tie a room together and adds some instant glamour to your space. Incorporate a rug with a stylish pattern to add some detail to your floor.

Pops of Color

Decorating your bedroom with neutral colours is not only timeless but also chic. However, you may want to add just a little something that is off-white, grey or beige. Consider something in a bold colour such as ruby red or sapphire blue. Adding pops of colour with accessories or small furniture is also a great idea if you don’t want to commit to a total makeover. An electric blue ottoman will instantly add pizzazz to your neutral coloured bedroom.

Let the Linens Speak In The Room

Linens need to be refreshed and what better time to do it than now! Consider updating your bed’s look with the best down comforters and plush pillows. The cloth you use to cover your bed sets the mood for the room. If you want to achieve a sense of modernity, introduce neutrally toned linens with a mix of textures like velvet, and silk to add some intricacy to your bedding.

If you are looking to create a five-star luxury hotel look, white linens will help do the magic.You can add patterned linen to make the room come to life.For that perfect finishing look, add on some jacquard fabrics.


Although lighting is often overlooked, it plays a significant role in setting the ambience in the bedroom. Bare windows look great in the right setting but can be too bright for a bedroom setting. To soften the look, cover them up in fabric to tone down harsh sunlight.

Lighting can also be used to give your bedroom cosier fresh update. Task, stylish sconces or accent lighting has a low wattage which makes the room feel more intimate. Remember to showcase your lighting in pairs to add symmetry to your room.

Padded Headboard

This is one bedroom trend that is going strong, and it is clear why! The padded headboard provides a perfect place to rest your head when propped up in bed. It also has a way of giving a room a soft and luxurious feel. Most importantly, the padded headboard helps to add fabric to your bed.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Gracious living means space to move with ease. Take time to review the furniture in your bedroom. If there is anything you haven’t used in a long while, consider moving it out of your bedroom to create more space. Then, rearrange the bedroom to refresh it. You can reposition your bed, chairs, side table and other pieces to give it that refreshing change.

Personal Touches

Do something unique with your bedroom that represents who you are. Whether it is a DIY wall art or a lampshade, incorporate it into your room to create that personal feel. If you opt for a wall gallery, select a theme to use for the images to accent your wall. You can incorporate your children’s artwork, sketches on napkins or magazine tear sheets to use on your wall gallery. For that quirky feel, break up the theme by using one frame that looks different from the rest either by colour or design.

Whether you live in a grand country pile or a small city apartment, these tips will help to transform your bedroom into a serene space. Redecorating your bedroom does not have to involve a complete overhaul. A simple tweak may be all your room needs to make a huge difference.

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