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6 Ways To Incorporate Metal Into Home Interior Design

Traditionally, metals like steel, aluminum, and iron are used in commercial and industrial structures. But this has changed significantly over the years as metal has become extremely popular in decorating home interiors.  

Designers have found a way to incorporate aluminum and combine steel with other materials to produce beautiful textures suitable for homes. You can use metal to give your house a rustic or luxurious appearance.  

Metal has become a neutral decorative element that offers a range of possibilities for finishing. Whether you prefer silver, chrome, gold, or copper, the effects provide additional polish. You can find metals with varying finishes and colors from credible metal fabricators like Alroys Sheet Metal & Fabrication

If you love metal and are wondering how to incorporate it into your home’s interior design, here are five unique ways to do so: 

  • Use Metal Finish  

Consider incorporating metal accents into your home interiors. You can use metal finishes to design an interior. For instance, you can try framing your bathroom windows in iron or steel then use zinc plating to protect from corrosion.   

If you’re familiar with creating a cohesive paint palette by mixing a variety of hues, you won’t struggle with the idea of creating a mix of metallic finishes. To create a combination of metal finishes, you need to begin with a polished piece of metal, add another element that features an antique surface and wrap it up with a raw piece of metal. This diversity of metal finishes allows you to create an elegant, timeless look for your home’s interior.

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  • Use Metal On Your Window Valance 

Another way to incorporate metal into your home’s interior design is to use it as your window valance. As more people opt for minimalist aesthetics, sophisticated window coverings have lost popularity. For people who want to bring out a unique conventional look to their living space, replacing wooden window valance with metal is an easy option.  

  • Leverage Metal Accents And Wall Art  

Metal accents like mantelpieces and geometrics can make a huge difference in your interior décor. You can place the metal accents on a stack of books, shelves, or trays to add a modern twist to your interior.  

Better still, you can enhance the interior with metallic wall art. Laser-cut metallic wall hangings combined with lights highlight the patterns and boost your aesthetics. You may also add an aluminum leaf, a top quality imitation silver leaf metal sheet that will give you a radiant finish.

  • Highlight Staircase Rails  

The staircases are often made to impress; they dominate the foyers and entrances. Traditionally, the trend was to use wooden stairs in homes. But this has changed significantly in recent years, as homeowners opt for metal stairs for their sturdiness and durability.  

If you have staircases in your house, you can incorporate metal balusters and railings for safety and aesthetic purposes. Let the magic of metal fabrication design and manufacture come together to create staircase rails that will make your interior unique and stunning.   

  • Enhance Cabinets With Metal Inserts  

You can add metal to your home by upgrading your kitchen cabinets with metallic inserts. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen at a low cost quickly, you can cut out old wood on the door panels and replace it with special perforated metal inserts.  

The beauty of metal inserts is that you can find something that matches your kitchen appliances. You have the option of using stainless steel or aluminum. However, if you’re working with a low budget, aluminum metal inserts would be great.  

  • Use Metal Door Locks  

A simple and easy way to add metal to your house is to use metal locks on your door. The wide variety of metal locks available in the market allows you to pick something that reflects your style.  

If you prefer a traditional look, placing vintage metal lockers on your doors is a simple but great way to include metal in your home. Whether you have them on your primary or bedroom doors, metal door locks are perfect accent pieces for boosting your home’s interior decor.  

Final Thoughts 

Metal is a neutral decorative element that offers a range of possibilities. There are numerous opportunities to add metal to your home’s interior creatively. Infusing it to the design of your fixtures, accessorizing existing furniture like cabinets, and integrating metallic supports are just some of the endless ideas. 

If you’re unsure how to start adding metal pieces to your living spaces, the seven ideas shared above provide excellent starting points. Find something small for starters, then continue from there gradually. The name of the game, truly, is to think out of the box.

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