6 Tips On Using Scented Candles For Your Home


Scented Candles

If you are somebody who likes to enjoy the finer things in life when it comes to decorating and loving your home environment, then it’s very likely that you love scented candles just as much as the rest of us! There are so many different scents and fragrances to experiment with on the market these days that you can actually have a different amazing smell in each room of your house if you so desire. The only thing stopping you is often the high prices that the luxury brands tend to charge!

That is only, of course, if you don’t know all of the best online shopping tips for getting great deals! Thankfully, great deals and scented candles go hand in hand when you have the right online coupons and voucher codes to work with. Once you have used a coupon code and have your scented candles at home, you need to know how best to use them! With that in mind, here are some tips on using scented candles in your home.

1. Get The Right Sizes

Candles come in a variety of sizes from small tea lights to large mason jars, and you need to make sure that you pick the correct size for your chosen area. The general rule to follow is at least 8oz of candle for every ten square feet of room, so the larger the living room or bedroom, the larger the candle needs to be, or of course you can go with multiples of the same smaller candle. Buying in multiples is good way to use a coupon code. This is really important if you are someone who likes to be consumed with the scent of the candle rather than just getting a few hints here and there. Just so you know, candles burn at a rate of about seven hours per ounce.

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2. Different Scents In Different Rooms

A great way to make your candles stand out is to have a different scent burning in each room. You will get the full effect of walking into a new fragrance each time you pass through a door, and this helps to actually heighten the sensation that is giving to you because you are getting a constant comparison! Here are some scented candles you can refer to from Match Fragrance. If you are going to have candles burning in various rooms at the same time, be sure to keep an eye on them to ensure they are in a safe state.

3. Place Away From Air Vents

Make sure to place your candles away from any air vents in your rooms, because their proximity to vents will minimize their effect. In many ways it could be compared to putting a radio next to a television – you will be able to see and hear both, but neither to their full potential! Also avoid putting them near open windows. The scent will either dissipate to the outside or the air coming in will mask the scent of the candle.

4. Pay Attention To The Wick

Don’t just look at the size of a candle when browsing, also look at the wick. It is always best to choose candles that have high quality wicks made from cotton or wood, and the reason for this is that they allow for a better burn and therefore a better diffusion of your chosen scent.

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5. Get The Best Wax

Wax is also something that needs to be carefully considered as well. There are two main types of wax that are used for scented candles, mineral wax and vegetable wax. Whilst vegetable wax is a little bit more eco-friendly for those who want to stay greener, mineral wax is known to be able to last longer. Ultimately it is a personal choice, but it is always worth knowing the benefits of each different option.

6. Novelty Scented Candles

These look great when you first buy them and make nice ornaments, but if you are going to light them, remember that as they burn, whatever shape they have been made in is going to disappear. Any portion of the unburned candle is going to be very different to the original.

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