6 Tips on How to Take Care of a Leaf Blower


To continue enjoying the versatile services of a leaf blower, maintenance is very important. Efficiency and effectiveness of a leaf blower depend on how well it is kept and serviced. Poor maintenance leads to higher energy consumption, noise, and safety risks from accidents. From an engineering point of view, every machine is subjected to wear and tear over time. This does not, however, mean that you have to buy a new blower each time it breaks down. You can make your leaf blower last longer by maintaining it well and continue enjoying its services during and after fall!

The following are some of the ways in which you can employ to take care of your leaf blower for both efficiency and longer lifespan.

1. Check and take care of the air filter

Air Filter
The primary function of the leaf blower is to blow air and therefore the air filter needs to be clean for it to function. A clean air filter makes the leaf blower efficient and prevents engine wear. Before inspecting anything, make sure that the leaf blower is turned off and all the moving parts are stationary. To locate the air filter, remove the filter cover and turn it.

Remove the filter, wipe and clean the area around it. Then take the air filter from the unit and wash it well in detergent and water, squeeze it and leave it to dry completely before returning it. You can also coat it with SAE oil before placing it back in the unit.

2. Check for wear and tear

wear and tear
A leaf blower is a machine and like any other; it is a subject to wear and tear. Check its components and determine which ones require replacement or repair. This makes sure that your leaf blower does not break down as a result of worn-out components. Regularly inspect the blower throttle and lock trigger because they can become loose and wear out faster due to continuous use.

Monitor to make sure that there is no fuel leak or any other type of leakage. Of importance to take care of is the starter component. Make sure that the tension spring, the starter device, and the starter rope are in good condition.

3. Always keep the leaf blower clean

Clean Leaf Blower
This is the simplest maintenance practice for a leaf blower. Make sure that after use, the blower is cleaned and all the dirt including the dust and residue debris are removed from the blower. It may seem like a cliché but it makes sure that your leaf blower survives for a long time and reduces tear and wear. A clean leaf blower works more efficiently than a clogged one.

Less energy is consumed and does not tire the user. You should, however, be careful while cleaning it. Avoid using water while cleaning an electric leaf blower as you can be electrocuted. There are many cleaning fluids in the local stores for cleaning such kind of machines. If you are unable to locate such fluids, use a dry towel or another leaf blower to dust it off!

4. Storage

Store your leaf blower in a clean and spacious room. It is advisable to store it in an elevated place to keep it safe from fluid spills like water. Do not store the machine in a congested room as it may break. For the sake of children’s safety, make sure that the room is locked and the keys kept out of reach.

Once in a while, you can try to start the engine just to make sure that it is still working. Regular running of the engine makes sure that the cogwheels and other moving parts are not subjected to rusting.

5. Consult a professional

Sometimes the problem with your leaf blower might be beyond your knowledge. At this point, you ought to consult a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem. An engineering fault might be complex for you to fix. If your device is still in its warranty period, return it to the store for professional repair.

6. Always use the right fuel

right fuel
The type of fuel for fuel powered leaf blowers is always indicated. If the recommended fuel is super petrol, don’t use mixed petrol or diesel. Make sure that you use the recommended fuel if you want your leaf blower to work efficiently and last long. Using the wrong fuel breaks down the engine and you may require a new blower sooner than ever!

Final Words

Maintaining a leaf blower is as simple as it sounds. It involves simple methods and procedures. If maintenance is ignored, breakdown kicks in. Visit https://verellenhc.com/outdoors/backpack-blower/best-leaf-reviews for the best leaf blower reviews as well as the maintenance tips. Sometimes you don’t have to be careless for your leaf blower to break down. Things just happen! Every machine is a subject of wear and tear. The difference can only be in terms of how long the blower worked before breaking down. Apply the above tips and see your leaf blow serve you better and for a longer time.

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