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6 Tips for a Gender-Neutral Nursery

6 Tips for a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Times have changed, and nurseries are no longer defined by gender. Say goodbye to baby rooms defined by pink and blue accents. While these can still play a role in the design process, they certainly don’t have to be the focal point of the room.

More and more parents are opting for gender-neutral nurseries – for various reasons. Some parents want to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until birth, or some parents simply want a nursery that is not focused on traditional color schemes.

There are numerous ways you can still create a beautiful yet neutral space for your baby. The beauty of a gender-neutral nursery is its subtlety and understated aesthetic. This makes it a much more comfortable room for mom and dad to hang out in as well. Oftentimes, the colors associated with gendered nurseries can be overwhelming, so here’s how to make yours versatile, stylish, yet still baby-friendly.

Use neutral paint colors

Grey bedroom with white trim are a beautiful, elegant look for any nursery. These muted hues allow colorful accents in the room to pop. Most importantly, once you’re ready to transform the room from a nursery to something else, it’ll maintain its appeal and versatility.

Pinks and blues can be a little overpowering when it comes to wall colors, so you will want to stick to understated, powder hues.

Lavender and peach are also excellent options for a nursery, and they’re appreciated by both boys and girls. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s a color you (and your child) can live with for a long time. If this continues to be their room throughout childhood, you won’t want to be re-painting every year.

Gray and white is your best bet if you really don’t want to get too experimental with the walls – especially if you plan to do so with the furniture. It’s serene, clean-looking, and definitely one of the latest trends in interior color palettes.

Go for an animal theme


Sure, you could opt for a ballerina or racecar theme, but what if your child is not into those things? Not only does an animal theme provide an excellent opportunity for learning (the alphabet, science, the nature of other living things), but it maintains broad appeal.

Add some stuffed animals, and elegant white animal-shaped decals to the walls to spruce them up. Decals are great choices for establishing a theme because they can be easily removed later, and help fill up empty wall space.

If you’re looking to keep the gray color palette going, there’s also a huge variety to play with here. You can pick gray animal toys, such as hippos, elephants, and seals.

Opt for silver accents

Décor is about so much more than wall colors and furnishings. It’s about the little accents you place on surfaces that give a room personality. Silver accents in a nursery are a very graceful and unobtrusive touch.

Silver baby cups, rattles, piggy banks and statuettes are gorgeous touches that you can have personalized as a keepsake. They look beautiful on shelves or end tables, and always attract attention.

Unlike gold, silver integrates more smoothly with various color schemes. It is also usually more affordable, a major selling point for those parents that are decorating on a budget. For something a little more subtle than traditional silver, pewter might be a good option to consider.

Embrace patterns


Babies love patterns and repetition. They’re fascinated by them. Use graphic wallpaper on one wall in the room to create an accent wall. You can opt for a graphic wallpaper containing animals, clouds, scenery, or just fun shapes.

Wallpapering is easy and temporary, so it can easily be changed. It also gives the room a sense of diversity and creativity. A little bit of an eclectic touch is expected in a nursery, so you should definitely have some fun it.

A patterned rug in the center of the nursery is also a great way to lift up the room, and designate a play space.

Incorporate earth tones

Gender neutral nurseries can certainly be very attractive, but they may become monotone. If you’re looking to throw in splashes of color and warmth, but don’t know how to do so while remaining gender-neutral, consider earth tones.

Terracotta, sienna, ochre, and umber all contain orange and brown pigments that add depth to a room and give it an inviting look.

A wood accent wall or other wood elements bring a very natural look to the warm, and add color without changing the room’s overall theme. A wooden rocking chair, antique table, or crib will still go with a gray-white theme and bring a rustic component to an otherwise modern room.

Balance is key

You don’t need to litter a nursery with toys, figurines, and child-like touches. An overabundance of clutter and décor distracts from the room’s overall aesthetic. The key to upholding a theme is letting the theme be the focus of the room with as little effort as possible.

Just like you can go overboard with pinks and blues, you can also go overboard with neutrality. Sprinkle in some color, and remember that less is more. If your walls and décor are overwhelmingly white and neutral, don’t be afraid to pop in a colorful toy chest or eclectic armchair in the corner.

You’ll want to opt for a light touch with the theme you choose as well. Simple scenes and geometric shapes can convey childlike playfulness and still be universally appealing. Not only will a gender-neutral nursery with these elements be perfect for your baby, but it will surely make it a room you’ll enjoy spending more time in – especially since you will be!

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