6 Things to Consider to Prepare Your Garden Space for Hosting Parties


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Garden areas are amazing spaces to have family and friends for parties and dining. Now the pandemic rules are more allowing us to see family and friends. It is time to show off what we did to our gardens or start doing something to hold more gatherings with people we love. Thus, creating a cozy and welcoming space to catch up needs you to factor in various things for everyone to enjoy. This includes food, good music, lighting, heat, and comfortable furniture as well. To start, clear away any clutter, and the tips below will help you make your space attractive for hosting friends and family. 

1. Comfort

Comfortable www.gardenfurniture.co.uk is a must-have, as you will be spending a lot of time catching up, and you do not want people standing or sitting in uncomfortable chairs. If your garden furniture is not suitable, order new ones to ensure that everyone gets comfortable. For the children, make them comfortable by throwing down a rug and plenty of floor cushions. If you have planks, you can have them suspended across some bricks to serve as a makeshift bench but ensure you cover them with throws. You can also do DIYs with upturned metal buckets and fruit crates for children’s seats with throws on each. 

2. Proper lighting

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Lighting is vital as you host parties in your garden. If you have no lighting, you can reuse Christmas lighting, especially those for outdoor use. Notably, do not leave any cables across pathways for safety purposes. Candles in lanterns are another good lighting option if you are going for a soft romantic glow. If hosting family and friends is something you want to do often, invest in more permanent lighting and have professionals install it for you. You can start with solar lights to help light out steps, obstacles, or level changes, but they do not give off as much light. Still, get lighting that is enough to view various corners of your garden well.

3. Décor

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Décor makes your garden space special. You do not have to go all out as it’s simple things as providing throws and cushions if the night is chilly to make your guests comfortable. To make the areas look special, make matching placemats if you are dining at a table. Choose something exciting to involve the kids and keep them busy. It will make them feel special and not cause disturbances to your adult conversations. 

4. Food

Happy friends eating and drinking beers at barbecue dinner on sunset time
Group of happy friends eating and drinking beers at barbecue dinner on sunset time. Having meal together outdoor in a forest glade. Celebrating and relaxing. Summer lifestyle, food, friendship concept.

As a host, ensure your barbeque grill is clean and in working order. Can it cook for at least six people at most? It is vital for you do not want your guests waiting for meat. Plan your menu and make sure you are not too ambitious, and it’s best to do what you know you have done a lot of times. If you want to try something new, do so early, not on the day you are hosting. Have your BBQ tools in place, one for raw and one for cooked food, to avoid a mix-up and cross-contamination. Make sure whoever is cooking your food cooks it well to prevent food poisoning cases after the party. 

5. Garden neatness

If you have a planting scheme it will work for you, but you can get ready planted containers and group them. Some easy plants include lavender, evergreen grasses, and small evergreen shrubs. If it is an established garden, cut the grass and edge the lawn. Also, you can plant commonly used herbs in a large container, such as thyme, sage, oregano, basil, and rosemary. Site them next to your BBQ and add them to your chicken or steak to elevate your barbeque taste.

6. Heating

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How do you plan to heat your outdoor space? Fortunately, most ways do not cost a fortune. Shop for an inexpensive log-burning brazier. However, if you plan to use the outdoor area more often, invest in a stylish heating form that complements your garden space. You can opt for braziers for sleek minimalist fireplaces to suit a contemporary chic urban setting or a more traditional English garden. Alternatively, you can construct a rural-style fire pit if you feel handy. 

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