6 Living Room Ideas to Ring in a Stylish Home This New Year 2019

It’s the end of the year, and while you’re reeling from the festive ornaments and cheer from Thanksgiving and Christmas, the time for celebrating the New Year is here. For holidays like these, the living room is the focal point of celebrations, and if you’re hosting the New Year’s Eve bash this year, you’ll need some fresh ideas to make your living room ready to ring in 2019.

Here are some eye-catching ideas for you to check out.



If you have a grown-up New Year’s Eve party, there’s bound to be champagne and bubbly cocktails to toast for later. This DIY project takes inspiration from the bubbles in your drinks and making it bigger. Instead of buying decorations, which can be expensive and wasteful considering you’ll only be using them for a night, make them yourself.

According to this tutorial, you’ll be needing foam balls to make the shape of the ball and build it up using baking cups. If you don’t have a lot of paper liners for cupcakes, you can substitute them with other kinds of paper and in different colors. Once you’re done making the paper balls, hang them up from the ceiling at different heights.

Classic Black and Gold

Classic Black and Gold
Decking your living room in black and gold accents is a classic way to decorate for New Year’s. Nothing screams sophisticated and magical like dazzling gold tinsels and black balloons do. When you go for this old-school theme, you’ll find a lot of items you can easily buy. So if you’re pressed for time, this is a good choice.

New York Party

New York Party
For some people, spending New Year’s Eve at the Times Square in New York is a tradition and, for some, something to cross off their bucket list. Those who’ve tried it have actually said that, while it is an experience in itself because the midnight ball drop is amazing, the situation is far from ideal. You’ll have to contend with a huge crowd, the cold, overpriced food, and more.

Instead of suffering the cold, spending lavishly on food, or having issues looking for the bathroom, spend that time in the comfort of your home instead. Recreate the NYE in Times Square in your own living room by serving classic New York food either for dinner or as finger foods. Make your very own New Year’s Eve ball as well with this handy tutorial.

Glitters Galore

Ushering in the new year always feels exciting, so why not amp it up by welcoming it with sparkles? Glitterfy your living room with various items, like a giant disco ball, blinged-up champagne glasses or cups, balloons, streamers, and many things you can cover with glitter.

Beach-Themed Bash

Beach-Themed Bash
A tropical setting for New Year’s is not common, but it’s not unheard of. People who are not fond of the cold during this time of the year because it’s during winter treat the holidays as a salute to the warm summer skies. The great thing about this theme is that you don’t have to change your living room decors much after the party because you can use them daily.

If the beach is your happy place and you’d like to incorporate the feeling during the New Year’s, there are beach-themed decors you can easily find online. You can make DIY projects for the New Year’s bash too, like nautical-themed placemats or streamers, but everything else you can purchase as a permanent living room decor. Your nautical-themed party will be such a standout among your guests especially if you live in a place that is in the middle of the winter.

Shine with Silver and White

Shine with Silver and White
Another pair of popular color accents for New Year’s is silver and white. If you have a black-tie affair, this is a classic option as a theme for your party. Your ceiling filled with silver and white balloons and streamers will make an awesome contrast to guests in their formal livery.

Keep your food, centerpieces, and even drinks in the same colors as this will make the stylish design look more coherent. In case you have a dinner party, take a look at this great example of a table setting in silver and white to give you an idea. It is a fabulous addition to your glammed-up living room.

Commit to Your Theme

You’ve chosen your theme, and you need to stick to it. If you’ve chosen a fancy soiree, make sure to give ample time to notify your guests with your invitations sent way in advance. Put in as much information as you can, such as the theme and dress code, so they can go to your party prepared.

The New Year’s countdown is a few minutes before midnight, so prepare some games for entertainment in between. Make it run with the theme of your party as well.

You don’t have to plan and execute this party on your own, so ask for help from friends and loved ones if you can. And lastly, don’t forget to take pictures and create a lot of memories.

What are your favorite themed parties for New Year’s Eve? Share them below.

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