6 Creative Ideas How To Design Cozy Reading Nook

Reading is to the mind what food is to the soul. Therefore, sitting down with a good book is one of the best ways you can entertain and enrich yourself! But where exactly should you cozy up with your next read? A book nook, of course!

“Book nooks” are the new trend in “Readathons,” which are essentially long periods of time spent just reading and enjoying your favorite books! Furthermore, they’re one of the greatest ways to create a positive at-home learning environment in small spaces! If you’re thinking of designing your own, here are 6 creative ideas to inspire you:

1. Reading with a view

There’s nothing better than reading a good book with a nice view as accompaniment. This is why this reading nook is so charming. Nestled smack in the middle of a library of shelves, it features an excellent view of the outside.

You can design a similar book nook if you’ve got a bay window in your house. You can even upgrade the seat to have pullout drawers underneath if you need. Add in some plush throw pillows, colorful book spines and a view of the outdoors, and you’ll be in your very own heaven!

2. With the chair


A timeless way to design a stylish reading nook is by pairing a cozy chair, an end table, and a lamp in any empty corner of your study or bedroom! The best part about this concept is that you can choose any cozy chair, any style of lamp or an end table you want. The idea is to match all these objects to your interior design theme, so always be cognizant about that!

3. Cozying it up on the floor


If you aren’t such a big fan of furniture, then you can design a cozy reading nook by spreading out throw cushions, area rugs, and other so textiles over the floor. Mind that you must arrange all of them in a way that implies “organized chaos.”

You can do so by setting up the different sized and colored floor and throw cushions in a corner. Pair them with fluffy textiles, shag or Persian rugs in case you’re a fan of colors. If you decide to furnish your reading nook with a precious persian rug and are worried that it might get dirty or worn out with constant use, then rest easy and simply hire a Persian rug cleaning company to take care of it once a year or so!

Another great option to add to your reading nook is a powder-puff floor ottoman, a small stool or end table where you’d be able to put your books.

Cap things off with a handy floor lamp or get candle holders and nestle yourself in the cozy embrace of your new reading nook – it’ll definitely be a great experience!

4. When it’s in-built


If you find lying down the most relaxing position when reading, then you’ll love this reading nook idea! What’s better than ensconcing yourself in a veritable shelf of books while you’re immersed in an entirely new world.

This type of book alcove requires some customized carpentry. Since the bed/divan area is smack in the middle of the shelves, you’ll require a bit of personalization. Many people design the shelves according to the average spine height of their books, while the reading area is installed with a wall mount lamp or down lighters. The finish and fabrics depend on your choice!

5. With asymmetric plans


If you have an asymmetric home layout where an unused corner is looking too empty, then it’s the perfect place to design a good reading nook! You just need to ensure that the proportions of your daybed/seat complement the dimensions of the alcove.

Other than that, you can also install simple open shelves all atop your reading furniture. You can go for as many as you need to feature all your favorite books. The great thing about this type of a book nook is that you can personalize it any way you want, whether it’s in the choice of materials, color, or furniture style!

6. Where swings hang


If you want something that’s really out of the box, then you can design your reading nook with a ceiling-mount swing instead of typical chairs or floor accessories. This will allow you to play with the aesthetics of your space while adding a fresh vibe to your reading area.

The thing to remember with this particular design idea is to pick a swing that is large enough for your whole body to curl in. Don’t go for something dainty. Choose a swing design that’s large but stylish – something that will look inviting while complementing your bookish backdrop!

So these are some great and creative ideas on how you can design a cozy reading nook for yourself. We hope you find them a great inspiration for your venture!

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