5 Things You Should Do When You Have Insomnia

Facing difficulty in sleeping has become one of the most prevalent problems. It is common not only in working men and women but college going students and teenagers as well. When the issue becomes unceasing, this sleep deprivation is called insomnia which may last for a month or longer.

Difficulty in staying asleep may lead to many health complications like heart stroke and irregular heartbeat. It could become life-threatening as well. Therefore it is essential never to leave insomnia untreated. Some of the aftereffects of lack of sleep are:

  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Lower immunity
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • High or low blood pressure

However, the good news is, insomnia is curable and with the right treatment may give amazing results. There are a number of therapies, medications, and treatments which can overcome the problem of sleep deprivation. CBD oil has come up as one potential remedy to cure sleeplessness. CBDTrust.org, the website about CBD asserts that when the right dose of CBD oil is taken whether in the form of tablets or gummies can help curb the issue to a great extent. Researchers have reported that insomnia patient who consumes CBD oil on a regular basis start felling in sleep faster and getting deep and relaxed sleep.

Other than this effective remedy, there are a few more things which you should follow when you have insomnia.



Meditation is the key to a number of problems whether mental, physical or emotional. Insomnia is one of those which can be healed by practicing meditation on a regular basis under the guidance of a trained practitioner. There are a number of asanas which are effective to fall in sleep faster. The best thing is most of them are indented to be performed right in your bed. Starting from Pranayam and ending at Shavasana can help in curbing insomnia to some extent.

Read books

Books are a great source of knowledge and entertainment. If you have a good book in hand, it will not only help you spend your time productively but also assist in falling you sleep faster. Take an inspirational book or a novel to your bed, cover up your body with a warm blanket and let all your thoughts subside. After a while, your eyes will feel heavy looking at the printed pages, and you will fall in deep slumber.

Go on a walk

Go on a walk

Walking relaxes the body and tones the muscles. If you are not feeling sleepy get on your walking shoes and hit the roads. A brisk walk either alone or with your loved one will de-stress you or might help in getting a better sleep when you hit the bed. If you don’t wish to go out, just move around from place to place. Try spending some time in the kitchen with little food and a book. Now move to the couch and listen to soft music. Eventually, you will feel tired and get into the snooze.

Maintain sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene relates to behavioral and environmental practices that induce faster and better quality sleep. A good ‘going to bed’ routine is essential in such cases. Avoid heavy meal and stimulants like caffeine and nicotine before going to bed. Also, get rid of the habit of staring the screen whether mobile, laptop or television at least one hour prior. Other than these, you may light special scents and fragrances besides your bed that relaxes the nervous system and induces sleep.

Do not think about insomnia

Do not think about insomnia

If you keep on thinking that you have insomnia and face difficulty in sleeping every night, it will only do harm than help. It will keep your brain awake more than your body because you have subconsciously ordered it to do so. Believe me; playing the victim card will do no help.


Waking up fresh is bliss. Therefore, if you have insomnia make sure you do not panic and get anxiety attacks due to it. They may worsen the condition and make you prone to more diseases. Instead, try to follow the above points to remain conscious of your body and overcome the sleep deprivation.

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