5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Plumber Could Do

When you think about hiring a plumber, chances are good you picture them clearing clogged drains, or replacing busted piping. Those are common jobs, certainly, but professional plumbers can actually do a lot more. Here are five things that you never realised your plumber could do for you.

1.Work with Gas Lines

Work with Gas Lines

One of the things that most surprises homeowners is that plumbers can handle just about anything to do with gas and gas lines within their home. Whether that’s a repair to a leaking line or a new gas line installed, a plumber can tackle it. You may even pay less for a plumber to deal with your gas line issue than you would if you called your local gas company.

2.Handling Exterior Sewer Woes

Handling Exterior Sewer Woes
You likely know that a plumber can tackle interior drainage issues, but what if the problem with slow draining water or backups is the sewer line outside your home? Do you call the water company or the city? Actually, a plumber can handle everything from leaking sewer lines to blockages caused by tree roots. In many cases, it may even be possible to do this without digging up your yard thanks to no-dig technology.

3.Ensure Soft, Healthy Water

Ensure Soft, Healthy Water
Municipal water is convenient, but it is not always the healthiest in the world. A plumber can help improve the quality of your home’s water by installing water softeners and water filters. You can choose from line-specific filters/softeners or install a whole-home system so that you get pure, delicious water at every tap.

4.Install Water Heaters

Install Water Heaters
Water heaters are unique – they involve both water and electricity (or water and gas, depending on your setup). While electricians can work with them, your plumber is also trained and licensed to install, set up, repair, and replace water heaters. They can even install instant water heaters, solar-based systems, and other advanced water heating solutions in your home.

5.Help with Flood Damage

Help with Flood Damage
Flooding can occur for many reasons – a burst water main, severe weather, and more. When your home floods, it’s important to know whom to call. Many people do not realise that plumbing companies usually have the equipment necessary to pump the water out of their homes, helping them get back to normal.

These are just a few of the services that a plumber can offer that many homeowners are unaware of. There are others. For instance, did you know that a plumber can install new appliances for you? It’s true – plumbers can help install new dishwashers, garbage disposals, washing machines, and more. And, because of their expertise with a range of different systems, you know that the appliance will be setup and connected properly. Plumbers can often help when the weather turns bitterly cold and pipes freeze, too. Pipe thawing is a service that can help you get back on track without suffering from a burst pipe.

When you’re in need, chances are good that a licensed, experienced plumber can deliver the services that you require.

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