5 Telltale Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Despite replacing filters regularly, your home’s HVAC system may get dirty, especially if you use it every day. However, your air ducts are the most favorite hiding place for allergens, dust, and dirt to linger. That dirt and dust are filled with air pollutants that can harm your indoor air quality and cause your HVAC system to work harder. In addition, this won’t only increase your energy bills, but also shorten your system’s lifespan.

Fortunately, you can always engage a reputable Air Duct Cleaning Company to assist you in efficiently cleaning your ducts, allowing you to protect your wallet, health, and heating and air conditioning system. To know when to call professionals, here are the signs you need air duct cleaning:

1. Ducts Are Infested With Insects Or Rodents

Insects and squirrels might make their way into your air ducts from time to time. Typically, these pests leave behind all kinds of bacteria. For instance, when pests find their way into your ductwork, they leave droppings and make nests behind, sending small fecal spores sweeping along the ducts. Such spores may then make their way into your house and contaminate the air quality you breathe.

Unfortunately, pests may take up residence in ductwork and would chew their way in or find some kind of unsealed access. When they move in, your ducts become a highway for pests, as they make their way around your house. If the rodents are in your ducts, they’ll leave some signs, such as an unpleasant smell and chewed-up materials.

Take note that pest infestation might need more than Air Duct Cleaning Service. When you ignore the problem, it may result in serious structural damage and cause your HVAC system to malfunction, resulting in high energy bills.

2. Increased Dust Around Your Home

If there’s still dust after cleaning your home, it might be coming from your ductwork. Check your vents and if they’re dusty, this might be the reason why a flat surface around your home is covered and your allergies act up.

There are some reasons why that may happen. Debris, dust, and dirt may have built up inside the air ducts and are being blown through your vent openings. There might also be a blockage in the ducts, which would strain your HVAC system and restrict airflow. Once you notice this sign, make sure to pay importance to air duct cleaning and maintenance. This way, you’ll avoid allergy symptoms and keep your family safe.

3. Rising Energy Bills

Your cooling and heating costs must be relatively predictable every year. Once you receive a bill that’s higher than usual, it might be a sign to clean your air ducts.

Sometimes, ductwork may become so dirty that air can’t flow efficiently and freely through your HVAC system. Once it happens, both your air conditioner and furnace are forced to work harder to experience a comfortable temperature. This energy expense means high utility bills for you and your family.

You might also notice that a bedroom, bathroom, or other rooms in your house doesn’t receive the same airflow level as several rooms. In other cases, fully open vents must deliver relatively consistent airflow from one room to another. Inconsistency might be the result of a dirty air duct.

It’s also critical to note that it’s not always the debris accumulation in your air ducts that may cause your system to have to work much harder. Ductwork leaks are lost energy, increasing your energy bills and decreasing your system’s efficiency. Hiring air duct technicians to clean your ducts won’t just get rid of harmful contaminants, but also rule out possible leaks.

Air Duct Cleaning

4. Presence Of Mold

When condensation and moisture build up in air ducts, it may lead to mold growth. Therefore, once you notice mold near your air conditioner and vent covers, it’s essential to act quickly. Mold may cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

Calling a professional to inspect your system and ductwork may come in handy. If mold is discovered during repairs or maintenance, technicians may take measures to prevent additional growth and get rid of it.

5. Your Home Has Undergone A Renovation

Construction can make things messy. Even when the contractors are diligent about closing off and cleaning up work areas to keep the rest of the area tidy, debris and dust may find their way in. When compared to the HVAC system that isn’t turned on and kept covered during the whole construction process, that dust and dirt will make their way into your ductwork.

Remodeling and construction dust may contain nasty particulate matter that you don’t want to breathe. Thus, it’s wise to get this problem remedied quickly before respiratory issues develop and maintain good air quality in your home.


Once you notice the above signs, make sure to get your ducts cleaned immediately. But, always remember that cleaning your air ducts isn’t something you must attempt on your own.

Since it can be a complicated process that requires advanced knowledge of HVAC systems and specialized tools, professional air duct cleaners use quality powered brushes and vacuum systems to remove and loosen debris and dirt from your HVAC system. Moreover, air duct cleaning professionals are trained to spot some HVAC issues that average homeowners might not know.

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